I'm officially a pumper

YEAH! Started on my beautiful pink ping today! I also started with the Dexcom. It kinda hurt going in, and seems a bit sore, but I really jammed it in there not knowing how hard it would be to insert! LOL. But, it is calibrated and seems to be working well so far! Wish me luck. We are starting off very conservative, but will work out way towards the ideal.

Yeah for pumps!
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Yay Heidi!

I’m glad to hear that you got your pump! I’m sure you’re going to love it.


Go Heidi Go!!! Here’s wishing you all the luck you need! I LOVE my MM !

I start my pink ping on monday! good luck!

This was me a month ago! I started my pink ping and my dex at the beginning of November and am loving it so far. I predict my next a1c will be down at least .5 percent!!! Hope you do well!!

You go girl! Wish you all the best =)


Did you have issues with your Dex the first day? Once I calibrated, it was spot on…worked for about an hour and a half, then bam…???

I followed the instructions and waited. (it was time for bed) so I went to bed and in the middle of the night got an alarm saying my BS was 235! WHAT! I tested and it was 110! I entered the BG into the Dex and then got the sensor error 1 alert.

It was early monring so I silenced it. when I got up, I read to test one last time and enter the BG and if the problme was not resolved, change the sensor…

It seems to be working fine after that last entry. SHEESH! First go too. I hope it is solved now.

Yea ! Congratulations on your pump.

yay! so happy that a fellow diabetic got a pump :smiley:
good luck with it,hope it helps you manage your diabetes :slight_smile:

welcome to the pumping world!!! i have a pretty green ping. lol i named it Kermit Clementine Spring Green Ping the Pump. haha yeah its a long name…
have fun with your new pump!!!

Congrats, good luck with your new pump. I been pumping for a month now and wouldn’t go back to the shots.