I can make it!

I feel much better about life in general this morning. It doesn't hurt that I'm away at a crafting retreat with some good friends and as I type this I can watch the waves roll in from ocean. Yesterday I was in sunshine, snow, rain and drove through a forest, saw mountains and spent a good portion of the evening listening to the waves on the beach. Shhh! It's a huge secret but the Northwest is an amazing place to live and I love it here.

Most importantly I have received more words of support, encouragement and good advice in a few days posting on TuDiabetes than I've ever received anywhere else. This will be great as it will help me to stay on track. I never wanted to be known as a guy who blogs about his Diabetes, but by posting here I think about it during the day and have found myself not grabbing a handful of candy as I walk by the bowl because what would that do to the numbers I post. Good for me.

Oh, look! A train is rolling by the foothills across the bay. Did I mention I love living here? :)

keep it going my friend!!!!

Glad we were able to give you some help. Sounds like it is really beautiful out there in the NW. Never been there, but maybe someday I will give it a try. Stay on track !!!!

I feel exactly the same way, I love the west coast along with ocean beach. And this site does help alot, especially when you feel like your slipping there is always something here to write about or read, its the best site that I have ever seen.... Thanks for your blog :)

Take some pics! I'm an east coaster, never been to the PNW (will one day). Sounds fabulous. Oh, and keep up the good work, it takes a lot of strength and commitment and TuD is the best place to renew those.

Good for you Brendan. I agree, the coast is amazing. Ever stayed in LaPush? Beautiful, sleepy little place. A great base for exploring the north coast and the rainforest.

Get in touch when you are back in town and we'll grab that brew and chat.

Thanks, Randy. No, I've never been to LaPush. I should check it out.

I'm back, and what an adventure getting back was. I was only up there for the weekend.

Where did you go? And what kind of craft? Just curious.

It was a waterfront house near Bellingham, Washington. I just posted some pictures of the snow we had.

I cross stitch. We had people knitting, painting, sewing, someone making puppets, henna art and other stuff going on. It was a blast and I look forward to going back for the next one.

Sounds like a good time. Between my eye sight and PN in my hands activities like that would probably turn me into an angry postal worker. LOL Haven't spent much time up north. Lots of trips to Mt Rainier, Ocean Shores and Hood Canal. I'll have to go check out your pics.

. Grew up in Puyallup and lived there pretty much until about the last 16 years.

Not sure how I got that last line on the previous post. But hey that's me and my magic fingers.

I can see why you enjoyed your time up there. What a beautiful setting.

Randy, I do the stitching while I can. Luckily I'm near sighted so the vision shouldn't be a problem for a while. As far as the fingers go it helps to keep them flexible and moving, though I can't go as long as I used to without rests.

Glad you have something that you can do to keep things working. I'm hoping my hands and vision will keep on improving. I am much better than a year ago, but it's still difficult to do a lot of things. I just keep trying.