Not a good day

I don’t expect comments from this, this is just me venting my frustrations. Over the last couple of days my vision has gotten worse and today I got up and my vision is blurry. I mean major blurry. So I called Opthomologist and the nurse said they could see me next week. When I reminded her that I was diabetic, she said that they can see me at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I am so relieved.

The thing that gets me most is the publics lack of awareness of diabetes. Someone can have breast cancer or kidney cancer and it effects only 1 part of the body. But with diabetes; you have eye, liver, kidney and nerve problems. It effects everything from your head to the toes.

Ok, that was my vent, tommow will bring better results. Have a great day.

hey Jeff here’s my $0.02

If your average blood sugar runs high, once you start to do better with the sugars it almost always blurs your vision (something about the water in the cells of your eyes). So is it a good thing or a bad thing? Time will tell and you have your doctor’s appt. best of luck! Joe

I think of diabetes as a slow cancer. :frowning:

I’m having the same problem Jeff, it’s been getting worse over the past few months and I finally made an appointment the other day for next week.
Hope all goes well for you.

Blurriness is almost always from changes in blood sugars and they don’t have to be all that huge. If my blood sugar goes up anywhere near 200 I can’t read the signs on the interstate with glasses that usually work. So if you have been running high for a while and brought your blood sugar down that could cause blurriness.

My understanding is that the serious diabetic eye damage doesn’t cause blurriness. It causes sudden bursts of red or black in your field of vision as vessels rupture. Long before this happens the eye doctor will see major abnormalities in your retina.

Doctors don’t explain this stuff clearly–especially since those posters about diabetes always mention the blurriness as a symptom. But it is caused by changes in the refractive properties of the lens and sugar concentration rises, not changes in the retina.

I agree that public awareness of diabetes is not at all at the level it should be. I have to say that I believe when a celebrity gets or already has an illness, the power or their voice and influence greatly affects the public. Michael J. Fox with Parkinsin’s, Terry Garr with MS, the late Christopher Reeve with paralysis. When I tell people I know that Halle Berry is a type I diabetic (diagnosed around age 20) they are surprised. As far as I know, she has never spoken out about diabetes. What shocked me even more so was when she announced that she was pregnant, and the press enphasized the risks of being over 40. How about being diabetic and over 40! Also, Brett Michaels, the lead singer of the band Poison in the 80’s, has suffered from diabetes for many years. He has reamerged on VH1 with his own reality show. I mentioned to some friends that he was a type I diabetic, and they were not aware of that! These celebrities have the power to educate and speak out to the public, and they aren’t using their voices!

So whatever became of this eye problem?Is it better now?

dear jeff,
i’m sorry i never saw this post originally. i hope that you are doing much better and that your vision has improved. please let us know how things have turned out!
your friend,