No threads in here?

I am just wondering how come there is not a lot of activity in here? I know that there are a lot of parents on this site. We should be posting in here to support each other. I know that there is a group, but there is not a lot of activity there either. I know at home we are all very busy. I usually get online at work, during lunch and breaks. Sometimes I am lucky and have more time. Like today.
Just thought I would put something out there to see who is here?

There are a lot of us here. Sometimes it just takes a while for us to get some normalcy back after a big holiday. I have had a huge houseful since last Tuesday until Sunday afternoon. Now today I have been without electrcity until they could find where a major line was cut due to construction. I don’t mind saying it has been a hard day without heat or my computer. I made dinner first after everything went back on andf hot drinks for us. Now I am trying to get through my e-mails How are things going for you? Did you have a nice holiday?

Wow that is awful. SOrry to hear that. Hopefully it wasnt too cold where u are. The holidays were good. its niceto see everyone. most people had not seen my baby yet. so that was nice. we all ate way way too much. now its back to watching it. I hope the electricity stays on for you. its really not a good time of the year to not have heat.

I totally agree with Renee - there is a need for us to sit around and talk about this. It affects us on so many different levels. I think we wonder did we cause this? OR at least feel like it (most parents do) What can I do to help my child? How can I be supportive? How will I know when its the diabetes talking and not the Teen attitude? So many questions. Maybe we need a chat?? I am long winded I know. But there is a lot to say and get help with and give support. We can all lean on each other. I know this diagnosis has taken a major toll on me stress wise. I am very easily upset now and so forth. I know other people have to be feeling this too.
Just needed to vent.

I think a number of the parents will be more active in the “Children with Diabetes” forum.