I cheat....and its sooooooooo difficult

Having been diagnosed just recently, and monitoring my levels well, I cant seem to get it into my head that I need to be more strict. I was a former smoker and now find myself " cheating" here and there …why?..I know all the cautions, the responsibilities…its not a MUST have thing…I just continue to cheat here and there as someone who really does enjoy the odd cig…maybe like someone who steals the caramilk bar when nobody is looking…am I the only one?..Im just so pissed off with finding out this news…lucky me, IM the first one in the family history to have type 2…51 years and I was never in the hospital…then, WHAM…3 days laid out from a near comatose case of discovery…the so called depression we all seem to have at first is indeed a thing of the past, and IM quite acceptable to what I have, what I need to do…but damn it…I CHEAT…

I know I’ve cheated in the past… popcorn is my worst offense, especially at the movies. Personally, I’ve always wondered why popcorn isn’t it’s own food group, right up there with meat!

jimmy…if an occassional cigarette helps you deal with your diabetes, I say it’s not the worst thing. If you are giving up or limiting foods you love or otherwise making sacrifices to control your blood sugars, maybe your cigarette is a reward. On the other hand, if you have quit before and slid back into it this way, be careful. Maybe you could find another reward or something else that helps you cope when you are feeling sorry for yourself, or whatever triggers your need. Whatever your scenario is, please take care of yourself. Of course you feel sorry for yourself, but don’t just give up so easily! As debb says, we all cheat, we’re all just trying to do the best we can, but you’ve got to try. Diabetes is a challange, not the end of the world as you know it.

Note to Scott…my husband says the 4 food groups are beef, pork, chips and beer.
Note to debb…my rules say not eating pizza very often makes it OK to eat it once in a blue moon.

Excuse above carelessness in spelling…
Good luck to you, jimmy… and keep us posted on how you are doing

Thanks Elaine. I do hope to find another outlet, perhaps just walking it off. I do have some hobbies, and the support from this site has really helped. I know that others have lived with it, dealt with it, and succeeded in living a happy life. It gives me strength to accomplish what I have yet to know I can do. Life changing experiences do make us take toll of our lives and to be thankful that what we have is something we do have control over unlike those more unfortunate.
Again, thank you for your kind thoughts.

hahaha…thanks for the smile Scott…Ya, popcorn at the movies is almost a must !!!..maybe the price of the movies and popcorn will go so high I can forget about that too…after all, I do belong to the group of individuals who just seem to have hundreds of those illegal copied ones …hahah…raw carrots and apples just dont seem to do the trick when watching movies,but I hear that peanuts are okay to munch on…oh the pain, the PAIN…

Jimmy…that’s what helps me deal…it could so be worse! We DO have some control and some options. There are a whole bunch of things I’d rather not be dealing with…I can deal with diabetes (even though it sucks.)
I’m glad you sound better.

Thanks Elaine…yes, the reality has set in,and I know I must take control eventually. My levels are normally around 4.5 to 7 so I guess I am doing quite well. ( although I still cheat ).