Polly Pod and Me

I am on my 5 day of using the OmniPOD! Things seem to be going good. I haven’t had any issues besides a low here or there; my fault to much insulin twice. The highest it has been is 170; my fault again I had pizza last night. I had 1 Pod change; I did good, no errors or anything. I haven’t had to change the basal setting Wesley (endo np) helped me set; I am glad about that. I know I am going to have to try changing the basal’s one day; I need to get used to it. I haven’t had any allergic reactions or anything. The only problem I have at this point in time would be where I placed the pod…lol I placed it to low…lol

I am also having problems with my insurance approving the Freestlye strips, I have used One Touch Ultra Smart all the time. DUH…I can’t properly us the PDA w/o the correct strips. Hopefully, I’ll gave an approval sometime this week. Why do insurance companies make it hard for people to manage their health??? You and I would never know the answer to that question…I just had to ask:) Word of advice…Before you get the OMNIPOD switch to the Freestlye meter, that way you can have the strips and not have to wait for prior auth. If you are currently using a Freestyle meter the trips will work w/ the OmniPod PDA.

Since starting on the POD my Bg’s seem to be a lot more in sink, MDI’s I was up and down but more up.
This is the best thing I could have done to better my life as a Diabetic.

Be Blessed