Omni-Pod - night one - a little rocky

Well kids, last night I went out to dinner.. had a few cocktails around the bonfire.. sugar was looking great. I was really feeling happy with how everything was going. Positive outlook on the whole ordeal.
At 2am I woke up at 47.
I do go into like ultra panic mode when I wake up in the middle of the night low.. it's scary.
So I decided to make an executive decision (as my Dad would say ;))
I temp basal'd to -50%.
I woke up at 5:30am at 87.
Then I woke up at 8:30 at 116.

So I guess although I thought I was dying for just a short while..
granola bar and orange juice, and temp basal.. hope I made the right choice.. seemed to correct the problem.
I'll probably have to do that again tonight. Maybe I'll wait and see, to see if the alcohol played any role. But I did the temp basal for 6 hours.. 2:00am-8:00am.

I do have to say the CNP at my Doctor's office was great. I feel pretty confident on how to run it and they have me just getting used to the pump with set basal and bolus amounts. Next week we will try to introduce the carb counting calculator thingy. But they were really great. I have to call for the on-call Doctor in case of emergencies and I'm supposed to follow up with them on Monday to go over how my sugars were over the weekend. A little worried about my pod change.. as I have always had the insulin pens and never have had to draw it out of a vial.. and the beeping noise it will make when close to empty. But I am trying to stay positive and I realize it will take some time to get it all down.
Hope everyone has a great day!

Day 2 with Omni-Pod - go time ;)


Same thing occured to me last night. Which was my first night on the Omnipod for me. I did consume a small Margarita. Did my homework and baseled correctly to the expected carbs. But, alas I hit 47 during the night. Alcohol does that. Gonna have to do some more homework I guess.

Every time I've had more than 1-2 drinks at night I've had drastically lower glucose, or perhaps increased insulin sensitivity through the first half of the next day.

Alcohol sends me down also (not the sweet stuff). Just two glasses of wine will do it.