I Do Not Have Dementia (Yet)


You might have dementia if you see this topic and say, “hey that’s a new one I haven’t seem before, I wonder who started it …” :wink:


It’s not a new topic?!?!?

Who started it?


Where are my keys ?

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I think Francis Scott has them.


What did I come in here for?

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@etta_amy, I am sorry about your diagnosis:( What a wonderful picture you have for your avatar! One can see how much of a loving couple the two of you are.

My son is T1D. I love him and I would do anything for him. I would take his sickness on me if I could. Your husband loves you and what he does he does because he loves you and wants to. You shouldn’t feel bad! It would shatter me if my son didn’t want me to help him. I am sure your husband does not want you to have any negative feelings about his helping you.

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way - your friend Michel