I feel like I cant do it anymore

wow 35yrs gives me hope :) I have been changing my basal rate I increase it by .5 every day so far I am no longer at 260 when I wake up now I'm at 240 can't seem to go lower than that. I was eating 45gm of carbs per meal dr's orders now I am eating 35gm because I feel like even 3gms of carbs make my blood sugar spike very high even if I bolus for it. Say my before meal glucose is 180mg I go to 260 or 280 right after my meal and it takes like 4hrs for it to come down and it only goes down to 180 cant get it lower than that.. any sugestions you may have would be very apreciated I just dont know what else to do..

Wow I read most of the replies. One thing is with exercise you have to watch the insulin intake carefully but I noticed when I exercise I do not change the intake at all and have seen some increases for about an hour or so but only at times so I am thinking it has to be something that was eaten. I can only suggest to keep track of everything you eat and what time and so on you know the drill and see if there is a pattern of sorts as I have yet to find one but I keep trying. Good Luck on it and repost as well on the idea.

I've been doing this over 40 years and its never been "easy", but I have no choice! Only diabetic in my fam too so I can understand that. Even with 6 siblings. Just gotta keep your head on straight and move forward... things will work out. I'm starting on Omnipod in 2 weeks. That will be interesting but it's the next thing in a long line of things! Good luck & keep at it.

Hi everyone just want to say thank you so much for all your support! I have gone through a lot and I think I would be in the same boat if it werent for all of your support I did a lot of pump changes and so far its been working great. Again Thank you!

P.s hope everyone enjoys the holidays :)

thank you!! I'm optimistic still need to get those numbers down but I'm taking it one day at a time, I'm also making a lot of changes to what I eat little by little my numbers will start looking more like yours, your dexcom trends are very impressive :)

From what you say it seems you lowered your basal " in the middle of my run". If you did that way it's wrong.
Your BG went up after because that was the effect of your late basal lowering.
You should lower your basal till 2 hours before exercise and try to be lower 180 at the beginning of it.
Some exercises require you to do a correction bolus at the end to compensate your last lowered basal, and sometimes it's a good thing to do a bigger bolus and eat something.

Exercise is good with diabetes, but not simple to manage and needs a very different approach than usual.

You should fix your fasting first of all, that's why a little of carbs makes you spike.

My 2 cents

Don't feel bad about "cheating." There is a component of quality to your life, and going outside of your healthy eating habits is not only OK but recommended! What good is life if you can't enjoy it? Obviously, I'm not suggesting throwing caution to the wind and eating too much carbs. Everything in moderation is key.

And yes, BG levels are hard to predict sometimes. I am a type 1.5/2 and my numbers are just nuts. My lowest A1C was 7.4 even with very hard work (using an insulin pump -- and on low carb diet). A friend of mine, on the other hand has almost perfect control with his pump -- he's a type 1. His A1Cs are routinely under 7.0. So, the take away lesson is focus on the positive and keep trying. Because going the opposite means that you'll start getting complications sooner.

We're all here for your support in this wonderful community.

Now go do something fun. :)

I did not know that, my Dr just adviced me to lower it for 1.5 to 2hrs so thats what I do right before any exercise and by exercise I mean cardio I run or do zumba just started getting into a little bit of weights, I always thought I had to lower it right before my workout. I just got the Diabetic Athlete's handbook so hopefully that will help me understand all these things I never knew about.

Thanks for the info :)

love your comment lol!! It took me some time but I finally realized diabetes will never be easy and if I stress about this everyday it will only get worse, so I am looking at this way, it could be much worse and thankgoodness its not I still have time to keep working hard if not harder, I am feeling much better and back to my happy self I did a lot of pump changes that seem to be helping me cant let this disease bring us down!! :)

Hello, One. I don't know about you, but I remember my early years as a type 1, in the 70s, when I got into the habit of not giving a damn what the doctor says. Although I have since come around some, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that regardless of what you doc says, if you're feeling okay, there is wiggle room there. I'm sure you've seen, as I have, that target number get lower and lower. My sister once said to her doc, who was upset about her numbers, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was an organ in the body that would take care of all of this!" Those numbers are never going to bend completely to your wishes, and it may be time for you to lighten up on yourself. Blood sugars rise and fall for so many reasons, and what we eat is only one of those. In fact, feeling upset about your numbers could very well be driving your numbers up. Please, please don't set yourself up for failure by thinking the doctor's word is the only way to go. If you are at 200, or higher, maybe just eating right and ignoring that number for awhile will allow it to come down. This 70-100 target is ridiculous!

As human beings we easily tend to lose our perspective on things. Grass is not always greener on the other side, and the glass is never half empty. To quote from the movie, A Vanilla Sky: "Each passing moment is a chance to turn it all around."

And you're right too -- stress is a bigger threat than any disease out there. Try to avoid it, of course, easier said that done. I manage it by remembering that we're on this Earth temporarily, and anything I am worried about is minuscule in proportion to the bigger questions in life...

I hope that does not come across as arm-hair philosophy. :)

Same here. The cold weather really screws up my control. I need more basal during the winter than in the summers.

Definately feel you on this - sometimes you can just get in a high blood sugar rut! When nothing seems to work I will stop eating and gradually bring my number down with periodic boluses over the course of a day - it may take 8 hours to bring it down slowly and avoid a boomerang effect but once you get it down to around 75-85 and you let the earlier boluses wear off a little you’re good to go again. Something about it seems to act as a reset - maybe just a mental reset, but a reset nonetheless! Oh and drink plenty of water and tea on the way down - seems to help. Also first meal after getting your number down should probably include a good tablespoon of coconut oil - that stuff always works wonders in stabilizing my numbers! Anyway, that’s just my little ritual to get back on track!! Hang in there!!! :slight_smile:

Re the exercise and basal adjustments, there's a really useful table in "Think Like a Pancreas". I've seen it online somewhere but couldn't find a link the last time I looked so I took a picture of it.

Basically you cross index the exercise intensity with duration to determine the adjustment, 1 hour of moderate exercise= turn it down to .67. I am a bit OCDiabetes and had been running a lot and also would add that this totally can vary. Gary Scheiner, who wrote TLAP, mentions that he has to turn his basal down 50% the whole day after he plays full court basketball. Not 1/2 court, just full court. Lately, I run at about .60-.75 for runs> 5 miles but don't bother adjusting it for less than that, although I have backed off on running a bit and am seeing some responsive results. If I have turned it down and have run a long way, I will also usually turn it back up to 100% for the last 2-3 miles as it generally will go up, whether from adrenaline or gatorade or whatever but getting the insulin going again while I'm still moving seems to help prevent it a lot? This also requires experimentation and testing that is sort of a buzzkill if you are in a groove but I found that sometimes the ongoing experiment can be useful motivation to exercise, because I am wanting to keep at the data accumulation?

Ik how you feel. Im the only one in my family that is type one and sometimes they jsut dont understand how hard i try to have my blood sugars at a good range. Dont give up things will get better.

thanks for the tips as of now the only thing I drink is cinnamon tea because I really like it but recently I learned that cinnamon is suppose to help with diabetes, I dont know if it does because I havent seen any changes and havent kept and eye on my sugars after I drink it. The coconut oil do you buy that online or at a health store and does it taste funny not that I wont drink if it does but I might want to take a big gulp of water right after lol!!

Free yourself from the grip of guilt and self-condemnation through forgiveness. Let this be a new day

Wishing you a happy day

Nicely said Qayoom ;)

yes I agree with Jrtpup :)

thank you!!

Great info thanks for sharing! When I started exercising I started by doing 1hr of zumba and I had to lower my basal to -85 for 1.5hrs because my sugar would just drop seemed like in minutes, now seems like I dont need to lower it as much or maybe I just need to turn it back up to 100% like you because I seem to go into lower numbers then start to rise out of nowhere, this is when I run and I only run 3 miles havent gotten to 5miles yet ;)