I found out I'm Type 2 three days after my postive pregnancy test

Hello All-
Found a lot of unsolicited support already just from browsing message boards in here and thought I would join the community. Currently 32 years old. I was told of my 5.7 A1C about three years ago with no mention of pre-diabetes and it stayed the same through April/May of this year, at which point pre-diabetes had been mentioned. I had lost 30 lbs, eating healthier, and exercising. My doctor even told me in April/May to try to conceive. Even with these changes, my A1C upped a whole point between May and August which is crazy shocking!! My doctor thought this meant a high genetic component.
So I found out I was pregnant on Monday and then diabetic on Thursday (only found out because a biometric screening at work showed 144 fasting glucose, prompting doctor’s visit). Anyway, I was in bliss for 24 hours and then kind of scared and then utter terror. Tons of questions going through my mind about the immediate health of my baby and pregnancy and then fast forward to parenting and my health going forward. Part of me wants to have everything rechecked and the other part says “Just take it! You knew this could come!” Also so bummed that I wanted this time to be filled with bliss (with regular expected moments of OMG!) but now I feel like the OMG is taking over and there will be a cloud over my pregnancy. I can’t even be as aggressive as I want because I have to look out for this little peanut (which I’m elated to do, don’t get the wrong picture!).
So now I’m on Metformin 500 mg once/day and am super watching my carb intake; just looking at my sugars after different types of carbs and adjusting appropriately. After less than a week I’m already noticing way better numbers than the first day. I’m in health care and so the “standard” diet recommendations are familiar to me although I find that many carbs spikes my levels so I’m usually only eating 1-2 carbs no matter if meal, snack, whatever. And grains are making me mad (or lack thereof!).
Any advice, thoughts, stories, and empathy is greatly appreciated! I spent an hour crying in bed this morning and now am feeling much better just reading through all of the columns. Seems like such a great community! I’m sure the hormones are playing a role…and that fact that two HUGE life changes happened in the same week. Thanks again!

Hi! I currently pregnant (15 weeks) with T2 diabetes as well. This is my second diabetic pregnancy, I was diagnosed with GD at 13 weeks last time. I’m sorry your diagnosis took some of that new pregnancy excitement. I remember being so upset when I was diagnosed and worried about what I was doing to the baby when I ate. It was a lot of work, but she turned out completely healthy, with no complications and now is a happy, healthy, stubborn 2 year old.

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