I guess it's time to begin the leaning on all of you,,,,,,,,

I think through the not wanting to eat much since my diagnosis 3 days ago, I also forgot to drink much. I’m famous for getting UTI’s when I either do not drink enough, for forget to go all day! Both happened today. I normally take two cranberry pills morning and night, and that is quickly resolved if I catch it soon enough. Now I’ve no idea if it’s safe to take them, given my readings are still high. The last thing I want is to help it higher. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (it’s becoming apparent how vital this upcoming dr. visit and hopefully nutritionist visit will be)

Having a UTI will raise your BG even higher. Infections raise blood glucose. Hope you’re drinking lots of water now. The only way to know if the cranberry caps will raise you is to take them & test. My guess is that they won’t, but everyone reacts differently to foods & supplements.

Good suggestion, Gerri, especially regarding supplements.

I took OptiBiotic a few weeks ago and my blood sugar plummeted. No way to know definitively whether OptiBiotic caused it because no one – including endo – could answer. I wasn’t brave enough to repeat the experiment…

Water, water, water. And apparently green tea after exercise helps with insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance! (Couldn’t quote the source right now, but I’ll get on that.)

Kay, let us know how or whether we can help with questions before and/or after your doc and nutritionist visits!