Today - August 6 2009

I woke up with my Blood sugar at 15.0 (270). wasn;t feeling to hot either. so i took my Lantus and my Oral diabetes med hopefully my number comes down. i so hate it when it is high. i don’t know what else to do when my BG is high any suggestions?

Drinking plenty of clear fluids helps flush out your system… I’m not expert on T2 though, I don’t know exactly how highs work with T2 but I didn’t want to read and run x

Thanks for the tip hun

I’m a T2 and when I’m high I drink lots and lots of water and I excersise. (cardio)

okay thanks for the tip Kathy i will try that

Yep, drinking lots of water helps. Exercise also helps, but you shouldn’t exercise when you’re over 200.

Do you often have fasting this high? If so, you might consider talking to your doctor about rapid acting insulin to correct these highs, or to take small doses with meals. Try not to eat before bedtime–at least 4 hours before going to sleep. Digesting food overnight can result in high morning BG.