I have a question about....anyone who has a lot of high reading but now has lowered it!

So if you dont all know me and my story by now ill give you a little background and then ask my question .

I’m 27 years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 around Oct “20 something” 2002, it was just before halloween and i was so depressed. anyways. November 11 2002 i got pregnant and controling my diabetes was tricky, I started on bills until i found out around november 20th that i was pregnant, they put me on insulin. years later i was finally diagnosed as Type 1.

Point: i havent been on top of taking shots or doing my pills.

This last 3 weeks i have decided to fight my battle with depression and diabetes. Ive been doing my shots and getting it low, this morning it was 107.

Question: for those who had high reading and are now getting it down. Can you see better? i wear glasses, i almost went blind or something but this morning with my reading being 107 i could almost see clearly?

what about you?

High BG effects the shape of the lens, so vision is effected. Seeing better is additional motivation to keep at it. Take good care of yourself. More stable BG also helps with depression.

thanks, yeah i am working on it!!

Way to go!


Good decision to make a change. High BG’s definitely can cause blurry vision and so much worse. For a long time at home, we had a really big chart of hypo and hyperglycemic symptoms and blurred vision was definitely on the list. As for the depression, check your local library for Anthony Robbins book, Awake the Giant Within. It is a bit of a difficult read. I keep picking it up for a couple chapters and putting it down for a rest before picking it up again.

He has some good ideas about the words we use to express ourselves, both externally and through self talk and suggestions on setting, working toward and maintaining goals. He also discusses how we can use our mind and words to break patterns of thought that cause us to maintain depressive or destructive states. For someone who has decided to fight the battle of both depression and diabetes, you might find that some of his suggestions will provide you with exactly the remedy that you have been searching for.

I wish you tremendous success both today and tomorrow. If you want to add me as a friend, you know where to find me.


thanks for the reply. I will check it out! =)

whoa whoa! thats exactly what happened to me! i thought i was going blind when i woke up!! i had really blurry vision for a few days and then it got better and then i got glasses

Congratulations! When you keep it there and don’t do the swings, your eyesight will be great - and you can certainly be proud of yourself. Keeping the fluctuations out of your life will make a new you! You’ll feel so pleased with the way you’re handling your life!
Yes, I see great - without high glucose and without fluctuations in it.

awesome, thanks for answering!