I held the new "iLet" Bionic Pancreas!

This is the new “iLet”!!! Oh boy, I so wanted to grab it and run :wink: Just announced last week at the Friends for Life conference in Orlando, FL, this is the actual prototype of the Bionic Pancreas that an incredible team is developing out of Boston University. I interviewed Drs. Damiano and Russell about their work on this back in November of 2013 (watch it here!), And they have come SO FAR since then!!! Read the latest update here.

Keep your eyes pealed on our event calendar, because I’m determined to get an interview with someone working on the iLet team as soon as possible.


Sign me up for one of these!! :slight_smile:

This booth was right next to the DHF booth. It was certainly popular. I didn’t stop to get much info, but I did say high to one of their researchers. I had met him at DUncon. I bet he would be pleased to do a live interview.

ps. The image doesn’t come up for me.

Nor me, but here’s this:


why does everything have to be “i” this and “i” that? copy Apple names much? Right away, it turns me off to a product, regardless of it’s merits. :slight_smile:

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But it’s such a great play on words, @phoenixbound! I actually loved that they had a sense of humor and sass in the naming :slight_smile:

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@phoenixbound, did you realize that the iLet name is a play on “islets” that do the magic in a healthy pancreas? You’re right, of course, about the popular currency of the “iXXX” name. Most of the time, marketing irritates me, but once in a while I must give it begrudging respect. :wink:

I would never give any begrudging respect to a copycat name. sorry! Have you heard the recent commercial for a med that sounds a lot like “Tesla”?

I haven’t had a TV since 2001, but I’m still exposed to marketing while online. I haven’t seen the Tesla rhyming med marketing.

By the way, I found it interesting that even Apple may sense the iNaming fatigue in that it named its watch the Apple Watch instead of the iWatch.

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I referred to it as the “iLet of Damiano” since Langerhans has let us down…although not really I suppose since his identification of the islets allows commercially produced insulin? Hee hee! I’m glad you got to play with it @EmilyC! #jealous!


There was a movie a few years ago called ‘I Robot’. I think that is correct. Is that what got the i+ thing started?

Emily, I attended the BP session too. The room was so big and crowded that we did not see each other. I really wanted to see you there. :frowning:

If the “i everything” thing was influenced by ‘I Robot’ then it has connections to both Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov - in which case iLike it.


No, richard, ‘iRobot’ was not the beginning of “i” this and “i” that. Love the movie, BTW.

It would have been TOO FUNNY had you taken the iLet and started running! :slight_smile:


You’re right! I, Robot is a collection of science fiction stories by Isaac Asimov dating from the 1940s.

goes to show there are too many “i” this and “i” that. There are a number of products with “i” that have nothing to do with Apple.

I think I might have grabbed it and taken off. And I must say it brought such a huge smile to my face when I saw the name. After all these years where my iLet cells don’t work kinda nice to maybe have some that might work. Great name! How often does a name bring a smile to someone with diabetes! And yes I think I might have tried to run! So over all the thinking and planning that goes into everyday life with diabetes.

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WHEW!!! Now I feel much betteer, and safe.

I read the website http://sites.bu.edu/bionicpancreas/about-us/the-bionic-pancreas-ilet/ , and http://diatribe.org/bionic-pancreas-dual-chamber-pump-unveiled-friends-life-2015 Oh how cool. that is definitely my cup of tea. (I wish, I wish or hope.) I am so Jealus of you EmilyC,
keep keeping us up to date.

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