For the ladies - I found a pump bra

It is available from pump wear Inc. I ordered one and will report back on how well it comfortably holds the pump, and if it runs true to size. There are pockets in both cups of the bra as well as in the side bands. I plan on trying it with the pump on one side band and my CGM receiver on the other.

I just ordered it today so I will be a few days before my review.

Excellent! I love Pump Wear Inc. I wear their cute "pumpy shorts" for sleep.

Dave, thanks for posting the picture - that's me you know (not!)

that's me you know

Yes, exactly. Certainly that was always the mental image I had of you ...

Unless that would offend you, in which case, no!, heaven forfend! I would never objectify you or Dave or ... anyone.

The way I see it, since you've already posted the picture of me, I won't have to after I receive mine! Of course, now everyone knows I'm a blonde and all that entails (like my constantly hitting the caps key accidentally)

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