I just want to give up

im tired as my avatar says. it’s getting to the point where i just want to crawl into a corner and cry. i hate that my numbers are going crazy today, i want to be normal for at least a day. i had some lyrics running through my head and they all had to do with how im feeling about my diabetes at the moment. it’s still in the works but yeah.

These Hands

they have helped me walk
they have helped me talk
no one else knows what they know
holding the secrets of my life
crying all alone
waiting for the phone
making wishes on the stars

these hands have seen so much
these hands have felt the love
of a friend
of a mother
these hands have bled for me
these hands have made me see
these hands

i might rework it but that’s what came out this morning and now. so, who knows what will come of it. when im down i just write what im feeling. i guess it’s my therapy. well thanks for the vent.

Melissa, I saw from your profile that you’ve had diabetes a long time. Me too. I feel the same way so often, too. Tired, and numbers that are hard to explain. When I get really sad about it, I spend a lot of time here on TuD. It helps me a lot to be in the company of others who really understand what it feels like. If the weather is nice, and I need to bring my bg down a bit, I take a nice little walk.

Hey I no jusy how u feel I feel that way everyday , I hate giving my self a shot and taking all that meds 4 my Diabeties ,High Blood ,Chlorestrol ,Neuropthy, Over active bladder, I just want to b normal with out all these health problems… I really love ur poem it hit home. If u come up with another 1 plz send it it me.

Melissa - I know alot of us have felt this way - and it sometimes hits you like a tonne of bricks - how can we not feel that we’ve had enough from time to time?!? So, just hang in there - and like I’ve found for myself - since discovering all the great places here on the Internet to meet up with other diabetics that feel the same way - I don’t feel so alone as I used to. I’ve had diabetes since the age of 7 - and sometimes I sort of dream about - “what if” I didn’t have to do all the stuff I do - to stay alive and kicking. I’m like a little robot just plodding away sometimes (especially when dealing with a hypo 1/2 out of it but I have to take care of myself as there’s no one else that can). Doing things without thinking- just doing it. Again, like others say - writing our thoughts helps get it off our chests - I know it does for me. Keep on writing your poems!!!