I keep getting a sensor failure during warmup. What now?

I had to remove my sensor and transmitter for an MRI today, as discussed in an earlier post. After it was over, I put on a new sensor and inserted the transmitter and then started the two-hour warmup. Several times, I have gotten the message, “Sensor failed. Replace sensor now.” So, I restart the two-hour warmup, but I can’t seem to get through it without getting the failure message. Do I just need to ditch this sensor and put on another?

Or you could call the Dexcom 24-hour help line listed on the back of your receiver. If they cannot get the sensor to work, they’ll likely replace this sensor.


I’d definitely call Dexcom, if only to get the free sensor.

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I called Dexcom as suggested. They said just replace the sensor. They are sending me two sensors, one to replace the one I had to remove for the MRI and a second to replace the one that failed.

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Glad to read you got the help you needed. That help-line is staffed 24/7 and you can even get help with their online data analysis software, Clarity. I don’t often call, but when I do they almost always solve my problem. I hope your new sensor is working well for you.

A sensor failed with a newly inserted sensor during warmup is almost always a failed sensor wire deployment - it just happens sometimes.