I live in Illinois. Is TYPE 1 Diabetes on the List of Qualifying Health Conditions For Medical Marijuana

I want to get an idea if Type 1 is on the list for Medical Marijuana and who uses it and how does it help with your diabetes?

I used it for cancer pain while I was recovering from surgery.
I really don’t like opioids so I went with THC.

It was fine and didn’t effect my sugar, except it makes you crazy hungry, and I really didn’t notice how much I was eating.

I did that for a couple of weeks, but it’s not really fun like it was randomly in high school or college.

When you take it every day, it becomes annoying and difficult to think.


Why would it be? What are you treating with it? It doesn’t help regulate blood glucose. Now, if you have complications that it is relevant to, might be a different story, like if you claim it helps neuropathy related pain. I would imagine Illinois is like most states with medical MJ, where there are doctors who do only this for cash payments (where I live it’s $200 and no doctors who take insurance will do it, you pretty much have to go to one of those), and they will basically guide you toward answering in a way that allows them to sign off and they will tell you on their websites all the things that qualify. What you do with that info is up to you.

I really want the CBD not too interested for the THC. Just want it for the health benefits and better sleep.

If you just want pure CBD, you can get it without the medical authorization. It’s entirely legal.

Of note, for some purposes it is often marketed for, like pain relief, CBD alone doesn’t work (you need about 10:1 CBD:THC), but for what you describe, might be fine with pure CBD (which may or may not do anything).

A rheumatologist I saw in January told me that many of his patients have tried more than one brand before they noticed any change in the physical problem they were using it for.

This link includes list of medical conditions.

Appears that non-medical use is also allowed in Illinois, with different restrictions.

Diabetes itself is not listed, but complications such as Neuropathy is.

it is not! but chronic pain is!

If you have trouble going weight or if you have chronic pain or if you can’t sleep yes