I Love My Wise Older Cousin!

So my mom was lookin at my grades online, which are (lets face it) less than perfect. Theyre all good except math. Math I’m failing. My mom thinks I totally dont care. Well the fact is Ive been trying to get it up, she just hasnt noticed. So now she’s going to FORCE me to stay after school and get help. To make it worse, my math teacher does the after-school stuff once a week. I REALLY dont like him. he doesnt teach us, then my friends Lyssa and Kendra went and asked for help and he just said “well you should have used your class time more wisely.” Yeah, I got really mad. Then I remembered the comment my older cousin Krista put on my myspace one time when I was really mad. I wasnt mad after she told me what she did. Here’s what Krista had to say:

“Hey boo…so here’s my advice for the day: don’t stay mad at people…life’s too short for you to stay mad all the time. Take what people say and do to you and just brush it aside and go on with life, Cause if you sit there and think about all the hurt that people have caused you then before you know it your life will have passed you by and you’ll have nothing to show for it. No good memories, no lives you’ve touched. And life without sharing God’s love is worthless…So live your life and have FUN! Be crazy, laugh alot, and don’t care what people think about you, live life thanking God for everything you have and everything you are. When you learn to live like this then your life goes, and by so much smoother! Love you princess!!!”

I forgot she ever said that until today. Needless to say, I’m not mad anymore.
What do you think of what she said?