Make it count :)

My vacations were pretty awesome!! I went to McCallen and had a fun trip with my wonderful mom and aunt. Although my mom is amazing sometimes I wish she could trust me more, we argue sometimes about what I'm able and not able to do!

I really appreciate she cares about me but I HATE it when people I love, specially my mom underestimate me. I always say I can do everything and that nothing is ever going to stop me but I feel she'll never change her mind.

She keeps thinking of me as a piece of glass that will break at any second, but you know what? even the most delicate crystal has a hard edge and that is a FACT! Cause we all go through hard moments in our life but is is how we persevere and have faith in ourselves that really counts.

Faith is a gift god gave all of us and today I want to encourage you to have faith!

Have Faith in your Job...BE SURE YOU SUCCEED!

Have Faith in your control...NEVER LET IT SLOW YOU DOWN!

Have Faith in your friends...TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL

Have Faith in the one you love...NEVER GIVE UP UPON LOVE

Have Faith in your daughter...LET HER FEEL FREE

Have Faith in your son....EVEN IF HE'S A PUNK

Have Faih in your family...SHARE AND TREASURE ALL MEMORIES

Have Faith in your dreams...ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS! (even if the rest think you aren't being realistic)

Have faith in yourself...cause YOU are the only one who makes life count...

right on!! I’m 58 but my sister treats me the same way. You have my sympathies, and keep up the faith!!!

Very nice post! Can i print the “have faith” portion to give to a friend who is having a rough time right now? I won’t until I get your permission - is this your composure, or something you have read?
Another note - as a mom myself, I can understand how difficult it can be to “not mother” , no matter how old your kids are. Retrospectively, I do understand my parents seeming need for control & non-trust issues a bit more now. My kids don’t have a lifelong disease process to deal with, either. Can you have an honest, open, non-emotional discussion with your mom about this? Perhaps simply telling her how it makes you feel when she says this or that, - she might mean something entirely different. Perhaps you could explain to her when she questions you that “no, mom, my endo (or CDE or whomever) says that I am allowed to do this, and I will then compensate by doing this and/or that”… etc, etc? Or maybe just distance yourself a bit (not forever), to allow some calm back into your life. It can be tough - I do really think she just loves you , and wants the best for you. Let us know how it goes!