I need a hug:(

Well yesterday I received some terrible news and I was going to write something yesterday but I needed some time to think. I left work yesterday straight home and into a pair of sweats and my bed after hearing that my program is nolonger going to be receiving funding. This means that as of March 31st I will be unemployed. I don’t know what to think… this doesn’t even seem real. I never would’ve thought in a million years that my funding would’ve been cut. In a positive note it was nothing that I did with my particular program. My funding came from the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiive which is funded by the Canadian Government and that funding is being cut so there will nolonger be an Aboriginal Diabetes Inititive in Canada. I’m so sad… since starting this job I’ve been so happy and grreatful that I’ve been given a chance to help others with something I’ve been dealing with every single day for over 10 years and now I feel lost. I am so upset that I can’t even continue thinking about it right now so I am going to quit typing. I am always a happy person and I will be alright and figure things out but for now i think I’ll just be blah for the rest of the week.

Hugs. Billy…Lots of it. I’m so sorry to hear the news. It is hard to lose things that we are passionate about. You have good intentions…in fact so admirable. Be strong, have faith…I’m sure the sun will rise again tomorrow and better things are in store for you. Prayers and more hugs for you.

I’m so sorry Billy. Its always the programs which do the most good which get cut the fastest. Fingers crossed you find another job, one which you can still do good for others. Good luck!

I’m sorry to hear this…I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose your job and worrying about what you’re going to do next…but I think it must be especially hard because it involved doing something you really enjoyed (which is really hard to find). Good luck and hugs and stay in contact with us here :slight_smile: And don’t feel bad about feeling bad or bleh either :slight_smile:

that sucks! another oppurtunity will come your way but that definitely was akick in the teeth. sorry.

Billy ((((HUGS)))) - I hear beyond your words what you have written here of how you are feeling. I went thru’ a similar ordeal a few years ago with a job I was very passionate about (had been in it for 12 years). What is making me so confused here is that I spoke to a few Public Health Canada representatives at the IDF Diabetes Congress back in October here in Montreal about diabetes amongst our aborignals, and they gave me all sort of information on your program and seemed very passionate about the program. I am really REALLY confused/lost/mad as to why they would cut your funding as well. If you don’t mind, I’m going to do abit of investigative work on my own if you are okay with that. I have contact information for NADA - our National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and other government contacts. I’m going to ask questions, to find out why the sudden change of heart when the rest of the world seems to be increasing funding in diabetic awareness/education. Sometimes our government really makes me wonder why we Canadians are so passive!!! In the meantime, hang in there.

Just to explain the picture below (I tried to type this out as fast as I could from this beautiful card I was given by NADA - I feel it explains my way of living with diabetes so well )

The Ribbon of Life represents the struggles, trials, and triumphs of dealing with diabetes. The four colours represent all people who struggle with diabetes. Many people are affected by diabetes; however, “Aboriginal people have been and continue to be devastated by this illness”. The four colours represent the four seasons, as diabetes is a disease that we deal with year round. White is winter, red is spring, yellow is summer and black is fall. The four colours represent the importance of exercise, healthy eating, stress management and medicine, when you have diabetes. They also represent the four aspects of the human nature; spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. When you are ill with diabetes, you are out of balance in one of these areas of your life. You need to work to be healthy and well balanced.

The seven blue beads represent the seven generations that we should think about as we deal with all problems; diseases and plans. The blue beads remind us of the water that sustains us. Water is life. The leather reminds us that nature surrounds us and protects us and that we must protect and respect it. The first knot is life, which is the beginning. The knots at the bottom are the end of life and the length in between in our life, our chosen path. The ribbon without the bead signifies the Aboriginal person with diabetes; how individuals stand in their aloneness with this disease, and that it’s a blood imbalance.

NADA Envisions Diabetes Free People

(The “Ribbon of Life” was designed and created by the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI).

I am so very sorry to hear this news. A big hug to you.

Sorry to hear about this Billy! Both for your sake and for all the people that you served. Sending you big hugs and hoping for a smooth transition for you into the next phase of life.

My dear ine, a hug is on it’s way. I am a dense compuer person and whatever you are going through… You are on my prayer list and can I mention you…at my prayer group tomorrow… evaallan3@aol.com

Big hugs your way for all the wonderful work you’ve done & for all your wonderful work that lies ahead. They can’t keep a committed, good man down!

Losing a job you’re passionate about feels the same as any other important loss. Angry, sad, depressed, mournful, lost.

I’m so sorry. It’s more than just your private loss. It’s a loss for many others, too.

Thanks for the good wishes guys, i suppose that’s why I posted it was because i knew that i could count on your support. Im going to be alright and I’m not going to stop trying to help people. Just might be helping people on a smaller budget is all… anyway thanks again, love you all

I have a feeling that it is in your soul to help others, and I think you will be very successful in accomplishing that, no matter the budget.

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Billy I am so sorry to hear about your program,you sound like a person who will find anyway to help someone in need of a helping so I am sure before you know it you will find something amazing just like yourself.

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I’m sorry to hear this Billy. We’re sending smiles, hugs and good wishes your way. Even with such news, you still sound optimistic. With that kind of attitude, something good is bound to come your way.

This is sad news on many levels… We’re with you, Billy!

Billy, BLAH is allowed - you should be BLAH for just a bit… Then you should be proud that you are the kind of man that chooses to do what you do with what life delivers! Consider yourself amazing and wonderful and know this there is always something for people like you to do and you will find that perfect place again… Blessings to you and of course HUGGS GALORE!!!

Billy, You sound like the kind of person that will will land on your feet. Sounds like you have some time to regroup and find others areas to help.

Don’t worry! You can’t help others in soo many ways! this is not the end!! Just believe! :slight_smile: