Well, he just dumped me. Over text message. So I suppose that the entire point of being on this website has no become obsolete. I’ll still try and raise awareness for diabetes. I’m still shaving my head and raising money and doing the walk. I’m still finishing my artwork. But I guess it isn’t for him anymore.

Absolutely…his loss.

Callie, his loss. You are one dedicated individual for the “cause” and personal applaud you. Thanks for helping us make the stand. You have my support in your Walk.

Sorry to hear about this Callie Beth! I hope that you are able to come to terms with it… Thanks for all that you do to raise awareness for diabetes!

wow, guys can be such jerks … breaking up over text? that’s so dumb on his part … he obviously doesn’t realize what he’s going to miss out on.

Through his diabetes you landed here with us,an angle to raise awareness and give support.It was meant for you to meet him and then another beautiful journey is planned for You.He did not dump you,he just moved away…
Forgive him !!!

i wish i could find such a wonderful person like you if i wasnt so old i would be very greatful to have you as my girl!