I need Help!

So I’ve been living with Diabetes for the past 3 years now. I wass on a pump, but lost my medical insurance. As of now i have none, and not much money. As of no i’m getting insulin and supplies the best way can. Im running out of money. I was wondering you guys have an info that could be helpful to me. Any and everthing wll help. I would really love to be back on a pump. As of now i take 5 shots a day. Sometimes more. but now days i dont take nearly the right amount of insulin. So please if ou know anything let me know. Im open to everything. Thank You!!!

Sorry to hear about your struggles Keyonna. You should see if you qualify for assistance from ipump.org. Also you might find some good ideas in this discussion.

Keyonna, just read your blog post after responding to Your messagfe. Kristin has listed great ideas and there are other good suggestions in the discussion she referenced. If says on your profile you live in Illinois? Can you contact the ADA( american diabetes Assonciation ) in your city, and explain your situation? You may also want to talk to your doctor about getting some free sample bottles of insulin from him/her, until you can get some help from local agencies, such as your city dept.of health or a local clinic…Can you ask any one in your immediate/ extended/church family to help you out with medical expenses? Even if you ask your pharmacist, they may know of free/ reduced price policies that are particular to their store… Make sure you . let the medical and government facilities know that you are not able to afford an adequate amount of insulin to manage you diiabetes and stay healthy…

You continue to be in in my prayers. Please let us know how you are faring and what else we can do:

God Bless, Brunetta

So sorry to hear you are going through this…but, I know what it is like. I have posted on other people’s discussions on the same topic (may wish to search on this site)…makes me think we should have a page w/ all the contact links, etc. Bottom line is you will go crazy if you are always depending on someone to give you 1 or 2 more vials…and there is help out there w/ the pharmaceutical companies…full supplies for 1 year. You need to call them or download the forms on their websites…check out “Patient Assistance Programs” for the supplies you need…DO NOT PAY anyone to do this for you…plenty of these online and they just take your money for something you can do. You just need to call or download the forms, fill them out, take them to a doc who can sign off on the scripts…takes 7-10 days for approval and 2 days to ship supplies. You will typically get 3 month supply at a time and you call back or file renewal form each 3 month period for up to a year. For the short term…get insulin from your doc…they have plenty in the office…given to them for free for putting up w/ the sales reps. Pump companies may also do the same, but I was lucky enough to get some donated to me and then found a friend via Craig’s List who let me buy them less than a co-pay. If you are on any BP med, etc. can do the same as for the insulin and testing supplies…or get them as $4/month scripts at Wal-World, K-Mart, Walgreens, etc.

Just remember to take care of yourself and your diabetes FIRST:) It makes dealing w/ the rest bearable. There are so many folks going through this right now given the economy…it will get better:)

Take care and be well.