Need some advice

I found out today I did get approved for the pump. I have to fax a statement into them saying I don’t file taxes due to me being on disability. I have to come up with a $1600 down payment and then they will help me on payment arrangements after that. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can come up with the money.


Perhaps fundraising?

Medicare won’t pay for me to have it period. The $1600 is half of what has to come out of my pocket.
Glad to see you out of the hospital Robert.

I’m with Manny on this one also what helped me raise a little money when I had to have $100,000 were getting a bunch of ppl together and have a community yard sale with the understanding at the start of what it was far and all the money whet toward that. Elect a treasure that gets all the money and keep it for that purpose. Then just another suggestion see if you can put out cans at local businesses another think that might help is if you know any bands that would perform for little or nothing you get thedoor profits and pass around a jar to collect money from it. Ya know 100 pennies add up to a dollar! GOOD LUCK!

I’'l be glad to have a sale of some of my photo prints and have all the proceeds directly go to you insulin pump down payment. The best way to do this is to setup a paypal account and have folks who want to help you send whatever they can to that account. I’ll be the first to chip in and help out.

Thank you very much. I am going to put together a packet of information to give to local businesses asking for help as well. My paypal account is


I’m with Manny… Fundraisers and have someone put an article about you and your situation… A friend and my mom did that for me and they raised 1800.00… Good Luck!

Hi Cody. What will the situation be with paying for pump supplies?

thyey will give me a 30% dicsount on pump suppliesw

Take a look at - that may be an easy way to do the fundraising.