The pump supplies are sooooo expensive and I need help

I am going thru the process of getting social security disability, and I am getting help thru the insulin company for my insulin, but I can’t find any help to get the tubing and reservoirs for my insulin pump. If anyone knows how I can get help with this please let me know , because my parents are paying each month over 200 dollars for my pump infusion sets and also my reservoirs. I have no insurance right now until I get my social security in place , but they tell me that it could take up to 3 years to get a hearing from a judge about it … I do have an attorney and am awaiting the date for my hearing, but dont know if I can sustain for 3 years of paying that much money each month for my supplies… Does anyone know of any help that I may get while I am waiting for the disability to kick in ??? Thank you , Rick Jackson

Hi Rick,
what kind of pump do you use??? I used the Disetronic Medical Systems they have a hardship program and maybe they can help you.Here’s their number 800-280-7801. Depending on what kind of pump you use they maybe able to help you.Your state can’t help you with your medical supplies like Medicare? Hope you can find the help. Good Luck and let me know if that number helped, Judy

thank you Judy,

I got right on the phone and called that 800 number and they told me that they do not carry any paradigm pump supplies… I am struggling bad and dont know what to do … When I try to go back to taking shots, I have to take like 15 shots a day and always end up getting sick with keto acidosis … I dont know what to do and I am up against the wall cuz when I called the pump manufacturer they say that they do not have any programs for indegent pump users … I even explained to them that I am in the process of waiting for a hearing from social security and have no income at all … I dont know what to do , but hopefully I can figure out something, but thank you for trying and please keep in touch with me … It is nice to meet you ma’am… RJ

in p.a there is a acess card that picks up any extra costs for ppl with chronic illeness. but idk if its just for kids [being im 14] but thats all i know. it might be worth looking into. lemee know how you make out good luckk

thank you erin, I went to a website called : , and they are going to help me I think, so thank you all for your help and wish me luck … RJ

Hi Rick,
I noticed on your home page that you are disabled. I know you are diabetioc and i don’t mean to be nosy, but what disabilities do you have? If you tell us a bit more about yourself some of us may be able to offer suggestions based on your disabilities. Some programs based on disabilities may have something they may be able to help with since you say you are unable to work. I am reaching here, but some places offer financial help and some offer other things based on need. I am sorry not to know about any place to help with pump supplies. If I used a pump I would probably klnow those things. I would lilke to help in whatever way I can.

I have the diabetes and use a pump, and now I have been diagnosed with a rare mental disease called " conversion disorder " … It causes me to have seizures and when they happen, I cannot walk or talk for about three hours. It is like when a stroke victim has to learn to walk and talk again … It is very frustrating and irritating and embarrasing to me. You can go to :

This link will take you to the place where you can read about it … Anyways, I do have a lawyer that is working on my disability case , but it is a long drawn out process as you probably know… I have been denied twice and now am waiting for a hearing in front of a judge … My doctor says I can no longer work, and I have all the paperwork saying so, but they tell me that It can take 2 to 3 years even to get a hearing scheduled, and in the mean time my parents have to pay for all of my supplies , doctor visits, medicines and ect… I am getting more depressed day by day and it is getting hard for me to cope with not being able to drive due to the seizures happening almost everyday… When I do have the seizures, I dont just have one or two, I have 5 to 6 in a row and it just drains every ounce of energy out of my body and then all I wanna do is sleep… Please go to the link above to read about the conversion disorder that I have and maybe it will help you to understand my frustrations a little better … Thank you for your reply ma’am and I would appreciate any help that you may give me … I will look fwd to your reply and thanks again … Rick

There is a GREAT organization called, IPump that helps people who are underinsured afford insulin pumps (and supplies, I think). Check it out:

Hi Rick,
Thank you for explaining your dilema. Kristins reply below was what i was hoping to get. The more you tell us about yourself the more people can reply and help out. At the moment I don’t have any more names of places to try for help, but will look very hard to find some for you. I am really sorry for all the problems with the seizures. Even with just the common type of seizures a person is left for several hours unable to think well or function well and it is dangerous to be out in public with them. This has to be very dificult for you Rick and I hope more people are able to come up with places to try for help. Try this place that Kristin has on her response below and come back and let us know how you did with them. In the meantime I will be looking for more. Good luck.

Well, I gotta say after seeing your youtube video of your performance (YAY! Very good), the SSA and disability ppl may be playing hardball because they could say “Yes, he CAN work! Look at the video!”. Don’t get me wrong, I played music for over 30 years independently, having no health insurance until I had to go underground music work and claim SSI for the medicaid.

Those 'officials in SSA/Disability make their money by denying. I do hope it comes out for you.

Hi Rick,
I have these additional places to try for help. Most major drug companies will supply their drugs for free to patients who are unable to afford them. They have assistance programs that are not necessarily restricted to the very poor. Families making as much as $70,000 per year can qualify for the most liberal programs. Other drug companies may cap income at $40,000, but exceptions may be made or applicants may be allowed to deduct the cost of medical expenses when determining their annual income. Even retirees often qualify even if they have considerable savings. There is no downside to applyng. Look for details and an application on the company’s web site or call it’s 800 number.
The next suggestion is if you are a veteran. Anyone who has been honorably discharged can obtain prescription drugs for $8 per month through the VA or you can contact them through their number 877-222-8387.
I hope one of these works out for you Rick. I would definitely try the drug company that makes your pump and insulin. Also I would talk to the rep in your area that provides your pump. Let us know how things go.
Also something else that may help is that I have to use a great number of drugs for all the health issues i have and never use a name brand drug. I use all generic drugs which helps cut down on the huge bill for all my meds. Maybe it can be a help for you too.

thanks Jenny for your help and comments on the you tube video, but that was over 2 years ago before I got disabled and started having the seizures. I was a very energetic entertainer and have performed with many many country music stars as their lead guitar player, as well as performed on many country music albums. But it is all over now other than doing little things by myself when I feel good enough to do so … I would like to chat more with you sometime if you would like… I am on MSN messenger and my msn messenger contact information so that you can add me is : … Thanks and God Bless, RJ ( Rick )

Rick check out this web site. They may be able to help. Good Luck Man.

Thanks Andy, I will go and check this out …

I don’t use MSN. I use iChat, ooVoo and or Skype. Audio/video chats are more fun when I don’t type so well :slight_smile:

They’re free and Skype & ooVoo are both PC & Mac. Cross platform.

Rick, I looked through the thread and did not see anywhere what type of pump you use. Let me know. I may have supplies available if you and I are using the same devices. I’m in the process of an upgrade which always means different sets and reservoirs. And if you’re an OmniPod user, I will have left overs from that system as well. I hated it! It totally did not work for me… Let me know.

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