I need more info please

67 years ago I came to this world to an island called Great Britain in the large village London
57 years later In January 2000 I am diagnosed Cancer ! you know down there where men don’t like to talk about it I am given a number of options for treatment and I go with Radical prostatectomy in April of that year
Now I bet you wonder why the hell am I telling you all this . well the reason is after surviving and ten years on and also having moved to the sun in Spain 4 years ago I am told I have a high sugar blood level (what is that)
When I was told about the big C I knew very little about Prostate thingies but that was a quick learning task and most research was via WWW
So here we go again should I be worried what do I do what have I got Help!
I had a blood test 26 July 2010 which read 141 ng/dl (7.8255 mmol/L) on 24 Aug same reading and was told by doctor to cut back on sugar fat white floury things and god forbid beer
( I am rather fond of a sip or three of the falling down water)
I do remember in June and July I had been drinking a lot of sweet drinks and eating sweats I only mention this because I normally do not like sweat things
Further tests showed on 25 Aug 140 (7.77) 27 Aug 139 (7.7145) 30 Aug 111 (6.1605) 8 Sep 129 (7.1595) 17 Sep 122 (6.771) I have cut back on the things I have learnt and ben told about cut right down on beer started drinking red wine I have a visit to the Doctor next week for assessment so I hope to learn a bit more from her
I have sent off for My own tester “Breeze 2” is that any good ?
Oh yes and I have started walking ( did I tell you I am short for my weight so I have to grow a bit or lose some weight )
I do hope I haven’t been too boring but at this stage I just do not understand what it is all about

Welcome, Colin. Glad you found us.

An excellent place to start is www.bloodsugar101.com. Jenny’s site & book are great. Another wonderful resource is Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book Diabetes Solution.

Normal, non-diabetic blood glucose is in the 80’s.

Sorry, can’t speak to the Breeze 2. So many meter choices. I use an Accu Chek Aviva. Did your doctor tell you when to test? If paying for strips isn’t an issue, good to test first thing in the morning, before meals, 2 hours after meals & before bed. Keep a log to show your doctor along with what you’re eating.

To help lower your blood sugar, it’s best to avoid foods that are high in carbs–grains (bread, crackers, cookies, cake, cereal, rice, pasta, corn, wheat), starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas), beans, fruit & fruit juice .Eliminating these foods will help greatly with weight loss.

You’re lucky to have fabulous Spanish red wine to enjoy. Exercise is important–good for you.

Ask anything you’d like to know. People are happy to help!

If you figure out how to get taller, please share:)

Welcome to the family. You will find a wealth of information here on tudiabetes. I know nothing about the breeze 2. I have used the bayer contour, one touch mini and ultra link and the freestyle lite. all of these meters are good. you can get them all for free from each of the companies websites if you do not like the one you are getting. the ultralink is one that works with the pump so that one you can’t get. As for BG’s I would go low carb by eating more veggies and fruits and less breads, pastas, crackers, cookies, sodas, and juices. Try drinking lots of water throughout the day that will help you feel full and want to eat less and it is great for the body. exercise even if it is just a 30 min walk in your neighborhood it will make a difference. Also try to get rid of any unnessary stress in your life that can raise BG’s too. the book Gerri recommended is wonderful for new diabetics. feel free to post any questions you have. We love to help others to make life with diabetes a little easier.

thank you

thanks for that info

I don’t have anything to add to the wonderful recommendations above, except that I love the Breeze 2, it’s one of my favorites… particularly, if you are clumsy, like me, and are always dropping strips on the floor: You can’t with the Breeze 2, because the strips are on a disk, and they are inside the meter, so I never have to handle them. lol Also, personally, I found it very, very accurate…to within 1 or 2 points from my lab testing at the hospital. Welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lizmari at last I am getting some good suggestions