I need to celebrate!

This is a huge deal for me! This is my 4th pregnancy, and I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I’ve done fairly well with my first 3 even though it was rough towards the end of each. My current pregnancy is going exceptionally well! My blood sugars have been so well controlled, and my insulin has been increased slightly this week.

To celebrate: I found out what my HA1C is today from the labs I did Tuesday. At the beginning of pregnancy, I was at 7.8 (yikes!). It had been gradually coming down. Today, I found out it is at 5.8!!! I don’t remember the last time my numbers have been so good! I’ve had diabetes for 13 years, and this is by far the best I’ve ever had them!!!

I’m so hoping to have an easy 2nd half of the pregnancy with the baby actually going full-term this time (2nd and 3rd babies were preemies by 6 weeks and 4 weeks respectively. 3rd pregnancy I was on bed rest for 3 weeks with preeclamsia [was told by OB and FM drs that it had nothing to do with the diabetes since I was pretty controlled then]). Wish me luck!

Good luck! Hope it goes well for you! :slight_smile:

Oh , congratulations! I’m hoping to be at a controlled 5.8 this time too. The last time they pulled my A1c in January, it was 6.5%. I’m 22 weeks this week. They are inducing me at 37 weeks, which means only 15 more to go! Good luck to you!

Congrats on the great A1c! Wishing you all the best!

Why are they inducing you?



pre-existing Type 1 for 13 years, so they said a typical Type 1 pregnancy, the placenta will lose it’s ability to feed the baby around 37-38 weeks. We will be going in for stress tests twice a week during the third trimester to make sure everything is okay, but I guess delivering at 37 weeks is normal for long-term pre-existing Type 1. I’d like to see if she will go naturally, but am trying to take it one day at a time.

That’s amazing, congrats! I am new to this site, and joined mostly for support/info about pregnancy. I have been T1 for 12 years, and am hoping to have a baby in the next year or so. Seeing stories like this gives me lots of hope and encouragement! Keep us posted on how things progress!

I’ve never heard of that. My OB and I really hope I go full-term and continue to have such an easy pregnancy since my last was so rough with extreme morning sickness almost all the way through and with preeclamsia at the end. He had never mentioned the placenta deteriorating except when I mentioned that my insulin needs had been decreasing. He wasn’t worried about that, though. He said that if it gets to the third trimester and my insulin is still decreasing, then he would worry about the placenta thinning out. However, I just had my basal increased slightly last week, so I’m not worried.

Good luck to you. Hopefully, you’ll deliver when you’re body is ready to without interference.

Thanks! Hope everything goes well for you!

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Quick question…were you spilling ketones from extreme morning sickness? Did you check for ketones?

Sorry, I haven’t replied. I haven’t been on this site for a long time! No, I wasn’t spilling ketones. I had a girl with my last pregnancy, and it’s the running joke that I was miserable because of all the estrogen since my other three are boys :slight_smile: .