Just got the good news!

Just found out I'm pregnant... it hasn't really sunk in yet. DH and I had been "getting ready to start trying" for a while, but my A1C's continued to be a little higher than my doc wanted (hovering around 7). We finally got the go-ahead and started TTC, and 1 month later, ta-daah! I'm excited but it all feels a bit surreal yet.

I know how you feel we got the go ahead to ttc last month. I took a test this morning positive. Wow

congratulations to you too! (Kinda blows your mind, eh?)

Yay! Congrats to you!!

It is starting to sink in, my doc confirmed it yesterday and i have a dating unltrasound scheduled for Dec 6 woohoo.... so exciting.... i now have to see the clinc every 2 weeks to manage my blood sugars though....

Congratulations!!! It is an exciting and nerve-wracking time :-) Let us know if you ever have any questions or need to talk!

Congrats to you too! I remember thinking that the doctor visits would be TOO frequent (I had to go every week), but in the end, I was almost always thankful for it because my insulin needs changed so frequently during the pregnancy. So there are good reasons that they want to see us so often! I would sometimes even need to make adjustments mid-week!

Yeay! I also found out I'm pregnant for the first time about three weeks ago. Have blood work and pap smear scheduled for December 5th. Would love to have a natural water birth, but am not sure I will find a doctor. My BS started getting very high this week so I had to increase my humalog and am now testing about 8 times a day. ![|464x426](upload://15TtyaNLIKfVjDz7yVKz2zbYRL1.jpeg)

Congrats I too have recently had a BFP
We are going on Wednesday for a viability scan at 6 weeks so trying to stay optimistically positive

Glad to see a few others in the same boat

miscarried on Sunday morning. super-super-sad at the moment. :(

Sorry to hear that news. Hope the future is brighter for you