I posted a sign outside #insulinforall

I put it on a busy street to get alot of views.

If someone started a go fund me possibly we could get money to move up to billboards and a good message.

Maybe that person should be me, but getting the money then to the sign people. I don’t know finance and tax stuff. Someone with the skills could pull it off I believe.

I just chose #insulinforall and wrote the USA price and Canada price and taped it to the pole.

Been there for weeks, I forgot to post about it.


I could invest $100 at the printing place and some adhesive spray.

What would I print and what websites to link too ?

I think the 3d world would be more effective then hashtags and social media www dot 2 d world.

I put the ideas out. Like them then go with them.

This is a highly effective low-tech way to promote social ideas you value. If you haven’t seen him already, google “freeway blogger” to witness the work of someone employing this method.

You may not agree with his political sentiment and for that reason and out of respect for people here who don’t share his ideology, I have chosen not to link directly.

The US Supreme Court has bestowed the crazy protection in finding that corporate use of money to directly affect the US political process is free speech.

Those of us who don’t have as much much money as deep-pocketed corporations don’t, in effect, enjoy the same degree of free speech. Your creative use of low-cost free speech is one of the ways grass-roots people can fight back.

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Sadly freeway blogger has the right methods, IRL activism but its the same old politically allowed and sanctioned topics. The topics you are not allowed to discuss and the people behind them are the true path to change. Billions of dollars a year are spent to control the overton window and it works very very well. To find out the things that will lead to change for the better ask yourself, will I be jailed for saying this, will I have my job taken away and slandered, will I be killed? Or will I give talks and sell books, or be allowed to become president or otherwise have no limitations put on me. If it is the former you are probably heading in the right direction or over the target.

Adhesive spray is great. Get the stuff that makes it near impossible (without powertools) to destroy it. I have found if your message will do some good it will be attacked (not cynical, from experience).

Respect is a good thing but I am one of those that believe for effective solutions its worth some feelings getting hurt.

At the same time your decision to not link directly was smart as it could provoke the left vs right arguments that IMO is just a tool for divide and conquer.

The only people who benefit from the argument what is better crony capitalism or socialism are the people who want to block real solutions.

I could get a little more aggressive with the signs.

“We don’t care if the cost of insulin kills you, our power and profits mean more, have a nice day”

Is that pushing it ? I could do better then that. A whole 5 seconds went into that looking for shock value.

All I know is Approximately 7.5 million Americans rely on insulin to stay alive.

Those numbers united we should be a force to be reckoned with.

They are playing us, these pharma funded “advocacy groups” controlled opposition. Right vs left politics. We are getting played.

I don’t care if I am repetitive, 7.5 million insulin users $100 each = $750,000,000 and we build our own production facility make our own and sell it to ourselves at cost.

7.5 million people with a common goal. We could defeat them easily if we got together.

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8.5x11 printouts and spray adhesive to metal utility poles. Good risk to reward ratio.

Thinking about this, should I push it far enough to make the news ?

I can talk a big game but not sure I have the nerve to go out with a can of spray paint and tag #insulinforall on the side of buildings.

Their is no graffiti in my town. It would get big attention. No, I don’t have the guts to do it.

Best case scenario I got to pay for the damages. That could be alot. Worst case charges that stick. lawyer bills.

7.5 million of us, am am one., people need to get of their rear ends. 7.5 million times the effort I put in , this battle won a long time ago.

@IgotT1, I sent you an private message with some contact information for that group.