I should probably introduce myself

Hey there!

I’m Kelly. I’m 21 (22 in 17 days!) and I’ve been T1 for 5 years so far. I’ve spent most of my time as T1 oscillating between trying to ignore the fact that I had diabetes and obsessively worrying about it. I’ve never had an A1c under 7 (although I had quite a few hover around 7), but at one time I was so intent on keeping my blood sugars low that I had a number of pretty scary hypo events. I wrecked my car twice due to hypos and have scared my family and friends more than I would have liked. Since then I’ve been much less intense about monitoring my blood sugar and my A1c has been rising as a result. Despite that I’ve still had a couple of scary lows recently and I really want to start working to be as healthy as possible. I think that by joining sites like this and being able to talk to other diabetic people will help me to put my life into perspective, I hope!

Welcome Kelly! I’ve had a couple of “scary lows” too … I understand. Hang in there … I think this community has a lot to offer and will continue to grow quickly.

Hi Kelly

Welcome to the site. I can tell you that I’ve yet to get a regular A1C of 7.0 or below. But I’ve been blessed that I don’t have any complications to speak of, after 35 years of diabetes. So that’s good.

Hi Kelly,

I hate having lows. They are very scary. Like Bernard, I’ve had type 1 a long time. Unlike Bernard, I have had some serious complications. I also wrecked a car in a low about 1974l. There are a lot of people here with a lot of ideas about how to live well with diabetes.