Exam fever (and diabetes)

My exams are next week and I’m wondering if there are any special precautions I should take in preparation. Here’s what I’ve got planned to do.

I have T2 and I take oral medication so I probably won’t go into a hypo, but I am bringing some fast acting carbs and my meter into the exam hall just in case. I can bring candy and small snacks in without a problem and my professors know I have diabetes so the meter gets clearance.

I will definitely check my blood sugar just about an hour before going in and have a snack if my blood sugar’s on the lower end of normal. If I have a stress-induced high, it’s usually temporary and resolves itself over time. And anyway I can’t bolus for highs.

I just wanted to hear your opinions on this and find out what you to do to manage your diabetes during exam period.

always be prepared!

I bring like 5 of everything, but im just paranoid. It easier if the profssors know about your diabetes, as if something happens during the exam, you wont be penalized for it

I am getting run down with all these dang projects that are due this week. I do like Sarah and have food in my backpack (everything from granola bars, & glucose tabs to even little packets of honey that will bring your sugar up in a HURRY), insluin in my pump, a full infusion set change and enough test strips to cover who knows what.

I guess I did learn one good thing from the boy scouts!

Best of luck with your exams.

Daena, Hope your exams went well!
I just started on a 2nd bachelor’s degree this past fall after 3 years in the “real world” and it’s been interesting dealing with the D - I was a lot more lax about it my first time through college and would often run high during exams/classes to avoid going low. Now I’m in much tighter control and I’ve found that I have a really hard time concentrating when I’m out of range. I recently got a CGM, which is a huge help because I can always see where my BG is at, where it’s been and where it’s probably going. But for the first month or so of school I just tested obsessively - at least 3-4 times in the hour before an exam, because my BGs tend to get all wonky when I’m nervous. I am SO glad to have this CGM as I’m gearing up for finals!
Like everyone else here I keep extra pump sets, strips, and lots of snacks and glucose tabs on me at all times. I also really like energy gels that are spiked with caffeine (i.e. Gu, Powergel, etc), they’re a great little pick-me-up before an exam (or during my 8am class). :slight_smile: