I think I hit a nerve

I changed my infusion site this morning and everything was going fine. I switched from thighs to stomach because I’m not moving anymore so less chance a box will snag on the set. Anyway, I put the site in near my hip but slightly higher and toward the front of my body. When I went to remove the guide needle, it hurt a bit so I changed the angle I was pulling it out as like I sometimes need to do. When I tried again to pull it out, I had some of the worst pain of my life and thenstRted seeing stars. I needed to lay on my bed to not pass out! I’ve never had that happen before. I have to assume that that hit a nerve with the needle because I cant think of any reason why this would have happened. When I had regained composure, I checked my BG and it was 105 so that was not a factor. My goodness I hope this never happens again and would not wish this experience on anyone!

I use the short Silhouettes. The Quicksets give me no delivery alarms.