I Think I'm Finally Getting a Pump

(I apologize if this is a duplicate as I couldn't find the post I think I made last night.
Hey folks, this is my first post. I'm a T1 for 33 years and only now getting my first pump. I've done much research -there's never too much- and decided on the t:slim. My insurance is BCBS of Washington (medadvantage) and I need to go through an in-network supplier. Sure, BCBS is more than able to give me many names of supported suppliers, but as some have noted before they are unable to identify which suppliers actually support insulin pumps. So to save me some trouble: who are you getting your pump and supplies from? I'm aware of Edgepark and Byram and am leaning towards Byram. Thoughts?

Hi Paul,

I also have BCBS…of Illinois. Been on the t:slim for approximately a month now. Absolutely love it. My supplier is Edgepark. They were great to work with. But, hey, it’s early. I received supplies the day after shipment. They’re in Illinois, however.

There is a t:slim group both here and on FB. Good luck!

Hi Paul,
Wonderful for you. My daughter was diagnosed 5 years ago (the day after Christmas). We started off with shots and worked our way to a pump. We never regret that move. My husband's brother has been a T1 for about 30 years also. He was a mess for a long time until he finally went on the pump. His A1C are tremendous. I hope you do well.

And just like Jancice Cotton, we too use Edgepark. My daughter is on a PA insurance and Edgepark has been wonderful. They have Never messed up and order. we have been using them for 4 years now.
They have a supply management program for her which means they automatically refill the same order for her each month, send me an email to confirm(which gives you a chance to add to or take away from your order), then they approve it with your insurance, send it out, and then give you a courtesy call and email notifying you that your shipment has been sent. I also like the idea that if your rx has run out, they will notify your doctor for you and take care of all the refill stuff. I never had to worry about running out of a refill.
I can't comment on Byram because I never heard of them.
May all go well with you!! Keep us posted!

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