Supplies Company Reviews?

Hey all.

I had a quick question about supply companies and any trouble or any rave reviews (if thats possible with DME suppliers) people have of companies. I am currently with Edgepark and have had experience with CCS, but due to a new job and new insurance company in the near future, I'm looking into other options. I have a Tandem T:slim and a Dexcom sensor.

Anyone have any thoughts or input or experiences they are willing to share?

For reference, my options for the future are the following:

  • Liberty Medical Supply
  • Byram Healthcare Centers
  • Medline Industries Inc
  • Sterling Medical Services
  • CCS Medical
  • EBI/Biomet

Many thanks!

I was with EdgePark. But when I started at my new company I had insurance issues.
So the pump company got me in contact with BLN (Better Living Now). And they've been great.

Better Living Now Inc.
185 Oser Avenue
Hauppauge, NY 11788
P: 631-348-0032
F: 631-348-7704

Hey Sara, here is a chance for you to be a customer with choices. Take a minute to jot down what you expect to get from a DME supply company: products AND customer service. Once you have all their responses, then you see which one is best for you. Personally, I would appreciate hearing what you learn, as many of us on this forum would be. So many times we are forced to work with one DME provider due to insurance benefits. It is nice that you have choices at this time.

I am a t:slim and Dexcom G4 user. I have "Empire BCBS" policy which allows me to get supplies from Better Living Now. One thing that is nice is that they can deliver same day to my home because they are local.

Thanks for that info, JiMMy! I appreciate it.

Excellent point, HZ. I will do that, and let you know what I discover. Many thanks for your response!

Like Jimmy, I had Edgepark and they did a great job. Then my insurance dropped them, and recommended I go with Better Living Now. They screwed up the first order, but were quick to get it fixed. Friendly customer service.

I recently got my Dexcom from Byram Healthcare. They were great. I had issues with Edgepark in the past, so was glad I could use a different company.

Susan, thank you so much for your input. Byram is one that I know I can use and may be using, so I am glad to hear you have not (yet?) had any issues with them.

BillMarcus: Thank you for your input, I appreciate it!

Hi - I use Byram due to my insurance. They have been fantastic and friendly. I can always have my questions answered in a timely manner and have not had any problems with getting supplies. :)


Becky, thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate hearing the positive remarks, and am glad to hear that you have not had any troubles with Byram!