I thought i do a fun poll

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
  • winter

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i figured it would be fun seeing what season people like the most. Im a summer person all the way :smile:

I love the cool crisp mornings and the color change! Of course living where I do, finding color change does take some work but we have some lovely mountains here in San Diego county so it’s just a short car trip.

Love the cool weather after a long hot Summer.

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it seems that fall is a good season for people. it is the popular one from the poll :smile:

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Fall. I can take longer walks and don’t have to do all my exercise and workouts before 8am like I have to in summer! I can start baking again without heating up the whole kitchen. Homemade pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread!

Look at the trees !!!

they are pretty but its too darn cold lol. i forgot to take a pic of the tree that i take a pic every season. oh well…winter time i can take a pic of it. but it is a nice shade of red

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We don’t really get the same typical seasons where I live in Australia. But ‘Spring’ is usually the best time of year here. Warm enough to go to the beach, but not so humid that you’re covered in water all day, and the days start to get a little longer.

There is actually a well known scientist in Australia who argues we should redefine how we see the seasons here, and feels Sprinter and Sprummer would be better views.

He writes about it a bit in this link if anyone is intrigued by that idea:

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ive always thought that australia was summer year round and not have a spring. i guess you do!

In my part of Australia we had a very long Spring this year and have suddenly catapulted into Summer. Lovely warm evenings when we sit outside and chat. Summer days are really too hot for me, but do love the evenings.

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You’re missing Festivus-- for the rest of us.

Summer evenings are definitely superb here.

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But you have those enormous spiders.

I like summer best, but summer where I live on a peninsula on the Washington coast means something very different than summer likely means to most of you. The average high temperature for the summer months this year were:

June 65° F.
July 69° F.
August 71° F.
September 69° F.

that is just too cold for me lol

I like fall. I love crisp weather.

However, I live in Philippines. The weather here is either hot, or hot and wet.
Not much inbetween.

Not here in Perth, we have little black ones with a red dot on their backs and they have a very nasty bite.
Don’t see many snakes and spiders in suburbia, just cockatoos and the occasional kanga and sometimes an emu. There are also cute little bandicoots on the local golf course.

The spiders aren’t too bad, it’s those drop bears you need to be careful of though!

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And you’ve heard about the haggis’s legs, right?


Ooooh, be careful of the kilted haggis!

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