I was just TOLD that marijuana can replace insulin

A guy commented on a high blood sugar photo I have on instagram and claims that "marijuana can replace insulin."

That is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard relating to diabetes and I've had some hum dingers in the past but man...that one takes it. It got to the point where I stopped arguing with him because he wasn't letting off and started calling me derogatory names.

Whats the dumbest thing you've ever heard?

In my case, it was not what I was told, but what I was asked. I met someone online and after chatting for a bit he ended up asking me......wait for it......"Is diabetes catching?" WTF????? Really? I'm no mental giant, but I thought this was amazingly stupid. In fact, the stupidest diabetes theory I had ever heard.

Truly stupid! But ! Certain viruses have been implicated in the autoimmune response responsible for type 1 DM.
Also mumps-like viruses and others that infect glandular tissues rarely can lead to loss of islet cells in the pancreas and decreased or lost insulin production . Having said that , I very much doubt the individual you interacted with had any such knowledge! Lots of boozos out there spreading misinformation. Good luck and take care.

In defense of the human race, why would they know? Anyone have very specific understanding of an inoperable brain tumor, how diabetes impacts treatment for breast cancer? I certainly do not, so I am uninformed. Why would the world be informed about a commonplace, survivable disease like diabetes?

I would profess that they are not boozos, but normal people who think they understand something they do not.

Here are links that support the supposition of the aid, not insulin replacement, of pot on diabetes. They are actually interesting.


High Times

To help manage is one thing...

This guy claimed to be diabetic for 14 years and specifically stated that "Marijuana is a replacement for insulin."

The dumbest one I heard recently was "did you hear about the new thing to "get off insulin": boil okra for several hours and drink the water" I said I'm type 1 and I need insulin to survive, she said it's for type 1 too. Well, we talked and I explained it all to her, but she isn't unaware about diabetes, her father is type 2 insulin dependent and a family friend was type 1, so you would think she would know better.If I had no knowledge of a disease I would not suggest things that are so obviously fake cures to anyone. Don't you think everyone who has to be on insulin would do anything to get off it if there were a choice? Certainly boiling okra and drinking the water would be a pretty easy thing to do, if only it really worked, lol.

I agree, manage is one thing, get off insulin or cure is totally another thing.

But...so you switch pot for insulin. Then you get the munchies. Then what? Pot induced insulin usage?

Marijuana can replace insulin? Then why oh why am I still diabetic? If I can ditch my pump, I'll start taking bong rips right now. lol

You should have replied, Oh, absolutely! And you never know who's got it, we're EVERYWHERE!!

i dont know but i wish this were true, id be a big fat chocolate gobbling stoner!

Called my endo, asked when I could start on this new therapy...

Did he say if he was T1 or T2?

If T1, we know he's lying, because he's alive (assuming he's not some customized version of that old AI, ELIZA ).

If T2, it's quite possible he believes he's been effectively treating it.

Doing a Walter Mitty, I just pondered what it would be like to be a T1, have someone make that claim, then invite them over on the weekend to smoke a few bowls while I turn my pump off, then we'll watch my CGM for the next few hours.

Perhaps that would sober them up.

As a T2, sadly, I can't run this experiment to throw in their face.

I can understand if someone has symptoms that weed might help with (like MAYBE if your blood sugar is low but you've got no appetite and/or nauseated? I get really nauseated when low so I could understand that benefit) but it would not be a treatment for the diabetes itself. I'm like really tired of idiotic "cures" that I've seen.

you folks are missing the way to cure diabetes. I am so surprised you do not know it. Since we all know cinnamon cures diabetes, then it must be true that eating cinnabons is the magic cure. I eat 4 a day just to make sure I get the full effect. So far i have increased my insulin consumption by 200 U a day. Wait, am I doing this right? Yeah no worries


ANd the marijuana will help facilitate the cinnabon consumption!

I wish

Is that because you'd be too paranoid to eat?

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