I went out

I went out to the country for my friends birthday party.
Old friends, lots of hugging.

They were trying to find things to entertain me and kept reassuring me that everything was fine. Something they thought would really entertain me was the VFW full of motorcycle guys. It did. But, it was risky. All outside, but much standing too close and lots of ‘close’ talking. We found an abandoned classic car full of kittens. Everyone wanted to see kittens.

Many people my age reported that they believed they already had covid and were sick 22 days. 1 guy said he coughed up blood, but was fine. 1 believed her aunt had died of covid in early March.

I dunno. Things are gonna heat up with seasonal flu. I think we all outta just step up our lockdown. I got the sense that the ‘lockdown’ doesn’t really exist for large segments of the population. I think we have to be extra careful now through whenever the vaccine comes.

When the weather turns, there may be social pressure to socialize/dine indoors. I don’t think I will do any of that. Buy long underwear. Wear multiple layers, maybe. Stay outside? That will make people feel bad. I don’t think they will tolerate that. The weather is turning. Need a new seasonal plan.

If you need something for Christmas, these things work well. But, they will singe your hair if you get too close. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-48000-BTU-Stainless-Steel-Patio-Heater-NCZH-G-SS/302563841

I think I’m gonna try to not see anyone, now, until the vaccine is out. It’s not really possible to NOT exchange hugs and stuff. Best, probably, if I hold off until vaccine is out. IDK. I have no cold weather plan for covid.


Well, here on NM we don’t face the cold weather issues that you do. We did go from a high of 90 to an overnight low of 33 with a bit of snow in about 24 hours. With no wind, we were comfortable eating outdoors on a covered patio at about 45 with no heaters. I don’t have a FULL cold weather plan, but here are a few little things I am doing:

  1. I’ve already gotten my 20/21 flu shot … the mega dose because I’m old.

  2. I’m not a hugger nor terribly huggable, so that’s not an issue for me.

  3. Eat zero-contact takeout food from locally owned restaurants whenever possible.

  4. Plan some indoor home projects to keep me from going stir crazy.

  5. Continue to walk the dog A LOT. Fortunately, we will have very few days when that is not possible.

  6. Get anti-fog for my glasses. When it was 35-40 I had to take my glasses off frequently with my mask on … and my masks all fit pretty well and all have a “nose wire”.

  7. Evaluate everything else relative to the scariness of going to the grocery store at off-peak times.

  8. Stay flexible and adapt as each region of the country gets worse.

  9. Vote!!!

Stay safe!



That’s a solid plan, John. Maybe that’s a realistic/practical plan for what can be achieved.

Get that scuba juice that the divers use. @Marie20 will know what its called.
In a pinch, I think you can use saliva and just spit on them, and then run them under the facet, but scuba juice much better.

I never wear a mask when I ski for this reason. Thanks for the reminder to buy some.


I went to Wisconsin today and there was complete and utter lawlessness on the back county roads. The cops are super busy and not patrolling the roads and it is extremely dangerous out there. People are taking full advantage.

I’m gonna add:

  1. Limit driving

  2. Stop and help people this winter when they go off the roads. They are gonna need help. Have a shovel. Shovel out the exhaust pipe if they want to wait in their car with the heater running. You don’t want the fumes going back into the car if the exhaust gets covered in the deep snow. Flares will be extremely helpful.

  3. When you get into that car, be dressed so that you could walk for miles if need be - usually this only requires a pair of long underwear, jeans, sensible winter shoes/boots, and a couple layers on top (plus, ALWAYS gloves and hat).

I’m gonna pack a medical bag. No way public safety will be able to keep up once the snow falls. No way.