Get Your Frakking Flu Shot

I've been a Type 1 for a little over 5 years. I've got my flu shot every year...

But this year the flu (or some God-awful virus) got me before I got my shot. Thursday night I went to bed at 10 pm with an upset stomach. Woke up at 2:30 am, threw up twice, started feeling better. Then I woke up at 4:00 am threw up again and realized that the E.R. was where I needed to be. Spent the night in the E.R., enjoying a 102 degree temperature.

The next day the trouble attacked the other end, so, for Pete's sake, get your shot and be careful. Wash your hands religiously. Also, make sure you have sick supplies on hand. Have both Sugar-free and regular 7-up (or Sprite) and some regular and unleaded electrolyte-replacement drinks on hand.

The bug I had was NASTY and lasted at least 48 hours.

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I get my flu shots most years but miss the occasional year if supplies run out (has happened here if one waits too long). Thanks for the reminder to keep sick supplies on hand. I don't have anything on hand because I haven't had anything even close to a flu for 15 years, not since I was in high school. I hope you are feeling better!

I WAS feeling better for a while but it has not let go of me yet. At least I'm not throwing up!

Hope you feel better soon!

I will prolly not get a flu shot again after last year when I was sick for a month on an off after getting the pneumonia and flu shots at the same time. The year before with my first flu shot I also got sick from the shot, but not as bad.

The real Flu is very serious like the big influenza epidemic that killed some of my relatives, most people get a bad stomach bug and think they have the flu but don't actually have it. I have never gotten a flu shot my entire life until D due to it being recommended and I have never had the real flu either. Oh well, at least I will be protected from viral pneumonia, maybe, for five years, lol. Knock on wood!

What I do is tell my students not to come to class if they are sick at all, coughing/sneezing etc. and I constantly wash my hands and try not to touch my face/nose/mouth etc. Unfortunately around October I usually get some sort of a cold and usually from someone who didn't follow my instructions not to come to class I'm sure.

I'm glad you're feeling better and good idea to go to the er with that high fever because you could have gone dka maybe. I hope you recover asap.

Is the stomach flu really the flu?

Many people use “stomach flu” to describe illness with nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Many different viruses, bacteria, or parasites can cause these symptoms. While the flu can sometimes cause vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea—more commonly in children than adults — these problems are rarely the main symptoms of the flu. The flu is a respiratory disease and not a stomach or intestinal disease.

The hospital could not figure out what it actually was but if it IS the flu you don't want it. I haven't had the flu seriously since the early eighties when I had it for a week and lost 15 pounds.

About a year and a half after I was diagnosed, my church pastor developed pneumonia. I had gotten a pneumonia shot after being Dxd, and asked his wife if he knew about the shot. She said, "he does now!"

The kicker to my stomach bug was that when I got home Friday, my inbox had a reminder from my healthcare provider to get my flu shot, because I was "overdue."

Maybe your reaction was to the pneumonia shot? I think that is just a once in a lifetime shot? When I had the pneumonia shot for the first time about five years ago my arm swelled up and stayed that way, plus warm and itchy, for two weeks! The doctor said it was just a strong immune system reaction to the shot and that I should just take Benadryl. I didn't actually get sick, though. I would be nervous ever getting it again in case it was an allergic reaction, I wouldn't want to have an even worse reaction next time.

I'm really lucky that most years I get a very short-lived cold. Sometimes I don't even get that. And I've shared offices with co-workers who were down for weeks with stomach bugs, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other stuff, and I (thankfully) never seem to catch any of it - or, if I do, it literally lasts two or three days of mild symptoms and is gone.

"Stomach flu" and the flu that the flu shot are meant to help prevent are not the same. Flu shot won't prevent stomach bug.

Anway, sounds nasty and glad you are feeling better now.

I'm not sure what happened exactly Jen, but I believe it was a reaction to both vaccines together and more to the pneumonia shot. I had a fever the next day which stayed for 2-3 days, severe muscle spasm and pain in both shoulders/arms to the point where I could barely move my arms, with the pnemonia side being much worse and I was aching all over as if I had a virus etc. I had to stay home for 2 days and I felt ill for a week or so.

Then two weeks later I was ill again with a respiratory and head/chest virus which then turned into a nasty stomach bug. I'm not sure what caused the stomach part but I think it was partly taking pepcid as an antiviral. So basically I was ill for a month. The second one really knocked me out completely.

After the flu shot the year before I also felt ill and had generalized muscle spasm and pain such as I get when I have a virus and or a fever.

I believe vaccines can temporarily lower our immunity, this happened to one of my kitties Angelina who became ill directly after two vaccines after not having them for a few years. It isn't a good idea to get more than one at the same time which my doc shouldn't have done.

If you are high risk, which apparently doesn't include diabetes or asthma with no steroid treatment, the pneumonia vaccine is recommended every five years. If you were younger than 65 when you first had it it is recommended to have again apparently. I found the description a bit confusing. I don't think I will get it again though due to my reaction and to the fact that it apparently doesn't stop pneumonia according to this site, lol.

I guess everyone is different because my father claims that since he started getting flu shots he has much less frequent colds which is important for him due to asthma.
That is great that you get sick so infrequently especially in a teaching environment with younger students!

That is odd they couldn't figure it out, but then I'm guessing it most likely wasn't flu and the shot would not have protected you against it.

Holy moly, Tim. Sounds awful. I'm sorry you got that foul bug, and thank you for the reminder to the rest of us!

I have a funny flu shot story. I've had type 1 since I was little kid, and every year since the flu shot became available my mother has harassed me until I get it. She calls. She e-mails. Now she texts. "Did you get your flu shot yet????" Frankly, I hate getting it because, despite dealing with needles my whole life, I'm terrified of syringes in the hands of others.

So one year I got the thing before my mom started her tirade. Mom was 65 or so at the time, and so had recently achieved the age where you're supposed to get it even if you don't have diabetes, HIV, etc. I called her to crow about getting my shot without her assistance, and asked if she had gotten hers yet. To which she replied "Oh god no! I'm not getting that thing. I hear it hurts".

Wife and I get ours every year. When I was dx I got flu shot and pneumonia shot at same time. This year I got flu and Shingles at same time. Pharmicist asked which arm I wanted to hurt the worse and that would be the one I get the flu shot in. Since I sleep on left side and am right handed I told her the right side. Ouch.

When I was getting my flu shot this year I checked to see when I'd be due for the secnod part of the pneumonia. I was told that there is also a new pneumonia shot out but they make wait until 65 for that one. Pharmiciast says she'll stay on top of it and let me know if they lower that restrictions for diabetics or not. Otherwise when I hit 65 I'll get the booster for the first one and also the new one too because it covers some that the other don't. Hopefully they'll lift restrictions for diabetics on the new one.

We got ours today. One of the first dates my now husband and I went on included getting a flu shot. He called to ask what I was doing and I said "getting my flu shot" Why don't you come along" We've been getting our flu shots together for about 18 years. Awwww how romantic!

Oh my. This discussion has been a fall ritual for my husband and myself for 35 years. And it is always a worthwhile one!...

I haven't had a real flu since 1976 (and yes, it was awful. I tried to ignore it and so it went on for 6 weeks) and I battle 3 chronicle illnesses now all of which may or may not compromise my immune system, but I choose to tempt fate by not having the shot.

But my husband is a retired Emergency Manager for the city of Portland and an EMT who taught Incident Command all over the state. He has to deal with state health officials about potential epidemics and had to be ready for action. So a flu shot for him has always been essential.

We have agreed to disagree and actually crack a bottle of wine at this annual discussion because we understand that both positions have merit. We both accept that we may need to nurse each other through the Flu at some point.....Blessings on us all who try to find our way through The Labyrinth of Life Choices.....It's not easy.....

So Judith - next year: Double Date? I'm the one that used to get them as part of the job - and your husband and I may have some colleagues in common - people who moved to PDX from San Diego.

Booked in for Monday morning here. Guess like everyone else, hate the things!

I never get sick but since insurance covers it I just go ahead and get it every year. I've never had any kind of reactions but this year I got the Pneumonia shot as well, and while it was nothing like some of you have experienced, wow did that arm hurt! I could barely lift it for about 24 hours. Probably won't do that again.

Every time this discussion comes up I think about all the parents who stopped immunizing their kids because of a mercury scare that was long disproved. Consequently, We are seeing the reappearance of illnesses long thought extinct. Ok, off my soapbox.

Just back from Costco and my free flu shot.

I totally agree with you about the ignorant immunization scare hysterics that now compromise our public health. The wanton disregard for the plain truth of science astounds me. Off my soapbox, too.

I am sorry to hear about your experience with the flu, but thank you for the reminder.