I would like to donate unopened supplies

I would like to donate 80cm (32 in.) Quick-sets and 3.0 ml reservoirs. Does anyone know who would take these unopened, sealed boxes? Thanks.

Check if there is a local diabetes camp or local ADA for suggestions.

In another post, someone suggested homeless shelter may also accept.

Or check cr3


Thank you MM1. CR3 takes the following:
Please note we are ONLY accepting donations of the pumps and FULL BOXES supplies listed on this form.

We are now accepting Medtronic 630G, 670G and 770g Insulin Pumps. Unexpired Medtronic, Tandem/T-slim, Tandem X2 insulin pumps and Omni Pod pump supplies. We are also accepting Medtronic Guardian3, and Dexcom G6 or G7 Sensors, transmitter, etc. and Glucose test strips.

We will accept models that have NEVER been used, but still sealed in its original packaging.

Reserrvoir & Infusion sets (sealed)

i was lucky enough to find a fellow type 1 on NextDoor that uses the same supplies as i do. he is a veteran and has to jump through hoops to get his medtronic supplies, so when i have extra i send them his way. a win-win!


I have a tough time buying supplies because I have to pay full price and will never meet my insurance deductible. I will pay shipping and be so grateful if you’d like to give to me,
50 years with diabetes

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What pump are you using?

Medtronic 770g

When I switched to MDI had a lot of infusion sets and reservoirs left over. I asked my Endo NP and she was happy to take off my hands for patients who needed them.


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Medtronic 770g