Ice Cream for PWD

I stumbled upon this video, recently:

I've started using the same method, except I use heavy cream instead of half and half. I skip the sugar and chocolate syrup. I add ~2 tsp of sugar free Da Vinci Syrup, and <1 tsp agave nectar. I've found the recipe doesn't need to be precise, and the result does not raise my BG much, and is as good as most ice cream from the store.

I have an ice cream maker. I use a custard base with heavy cream. It is very low carb. Search the site for my recipe. It is very good, but sadly does not refreeze all that well so it is best eaten completely when made.

Here's the discussion that has Brian's recipe

Thanks for the recipe, Brian. I'll try it when I am feeling ambitious. The only thing I've found at all lacking in my recipe, above, is that it is far more icy than creamy.

I made the recipe from a custard base, as Brian suggests, for my wife and a friend of ours. I don't have an ice cream maker, and my preparation was otherwise characteristically haphazard. My tasters, normally a very tough crowd, said it was one of the best things they've ever tasted. Next time, plan to try using just the egg whites, maybe with a little vanilla bean mixed in.

Get an ice cream machine. to make most homemade ice creams, you need heavy whipping cream and half and half to some amount. the rest of the ingredients depend on what flavor you want to make.

It's hard to justify an ice cream machine, living in an apartment with limited kitchen space...

I understand. I live in a house and have more space. Despite that, the ice cream maker lives in the basement.

You can buy a small ice-cream maker, hand-cranked that makes 1 - 2 servings in 15 minutes.