Goodies for a 5-year-old

Hi, looking out for some ideas on how you staisfy your child’s craving for all things sweet in general - icecreams, chocolates, puddings etc? I am from India and do not see a lot of goodies that can be consumed by a diabetic. So, I was thinking of sourcing some items from the US or UK. It will be very helpful if you all could help me prepare a list. Someone told me about Lilys Sweets too.

My daughter totally loves icecream. Can I do something at home?

Their taste will change when sugar is cut, mine did.
Homemade ice cream is good, using frozen mango pulp is my favourite one to make, with no added sugar.

you can use these as a base and add sugar if you wish to get to a carb level you are happy with

cocoa coconut balls are good too

also the net has lots of ideas

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Thanks! I will try some of these. Will also try to do some research.

@Priya1 here is another nice site with lots of great treat ideas!!

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I have an ice cream maker at home. Here is my recipe for low carb “real” ice cream.


Sugar/carbs not bad. Diabetes bad.

That’s what Tarzan would say. I enjoy sweets, but I keep a lid on it. I’ll have a biscotti with my coffee. Or a few thin mints. At dinner (or regular meals)? I end the meal with what many people all around the world consider dessert: fruit! I always include half an apple, half an orange and when it’s inexpensive a quarter of a cantaloupe. Plus, fresh fruit has vitamins that are beneficial.

I think it’s a balanced approach for me and it seems to work, but as with all things:

Your (or your daughter’s) diabetes may vary. That means experiment and find what works for you/your child.

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Lots of desserts can be made with almond flour. The preference for sweet foods will change over time. I actually prefer crunchy and even salty, to sweet. My 7 yo who is following a lower carb diet, actively rejects sweets at least some of the time now. She also eats all and any vegetables with gusto. So it can happen.