Sugar Free / Fat Free Ice Cream

I’ve gotten to the point of getting tired of having ice cream that makes me end of having major gas, stomack pains, and diarrea with Sugar Alcohol. Even though it had says it was made with Splenda, which I had thought, awsome. Bought it, had the recommended serving size, next just feeling awful and scaring away friends and family.

After all of this, I did some research and found a site on how to make your own ice cream. Site is

The site also gives other useful information on canning, preparing different kinds of food that I personally find helpful. I have found that it’s easier to make your own ice cream and then you know what goes into it with no surprise.

Also attaching a PDF file of the webpage…

I found another website that has great low carb recipes. I made "Almost Ice Cream " for my Easter Dessert. It was great and only had 2 carbs for 1/2 cup. The site is called Diabetes Connect and they have a whole section with lots of great recipes.

If you check the carbs & fat alot of times it’s not much different than regular ice cream…try making your own…I don’t use artificial sugar…either no or low sugar


I agree, making your own is the best! I am just discovering it. Check out my recipe for coconut milk ice cream I just posted - I don’t do the low fat thing though since I am eating so few carbs anyway (I eat essentially paleo/primal style). Works great for me!