Low Carb Ice-cream recipes

My daughter is celiac and also needs to be dairy free. So yesterday i splurged and bought a breville icecream maker. Intending to make her gluten and dairy free ice-creams using fruits, almond milks and coconut milks.

Thought I'd also like to try making myself some low carb icecreams. Anyone have any good recipes? Tried and true favorites?

I am thinking of trying coconut cream as a basis - maybe cooked into a custard with eggs (protein and fat) and then into the ice-cream maker.

Btw in Philippines some favorite flavours for icecream are:-

1. Cheese (I have never been able to bring myself to try this. Given I am Australian and this seems like sacrilige).

2. Avocado. In Australia we use avocado for guacamole and as a salad vege. Here they mix it with sugar and milk and make it into a desert.

3. Durian (this is more Malaysia)... Durian is something I just cannot swallow, though paradoxically I like the smell of it.

Maybe it would be less unsettling if you thought of the cheese flavoured ice cream as something like a frozen cheesecake?

Don't forget purple yam. I live near a major teaching hospital where lots of Filipinos work, so my local shops stock quite a few Filipino products. I bought a jar of purple yam spread the other day and had great fun using it in baking. I used it as a filling for thumbprint cookies and also invented a purple yam cheesecake, all of which was greatly enjoyed by the non-pancreatically challenged people I fed it to!

I just googled coconut cream ice cream and got a whole bunch of delicious-sounding recipes. Keep us updated on your ice cream experiment. Bon appetit!

As hot as it is in Manila (36C, feels like 42C)...my ice cream maker and blender has been pretty busy lately... Have you tried making sorbets? I usually use fresh fruits with unsweetened fruit juice...no milk.
Cheese and avocado ice cream like purple yam (ube) ice creams are local ice creams called "sorbetes". They use coconut milk instead of dairy. Absolutely love them... there are versions sold in malls that are "sugar-free".
I have braved trying "Durian" ice cream when we went to Cebu...that will be the last try Id ever do with that. bleyuck! :)

Euw, Sally, you can't possibly like the smell of durian!!!! Horrid smell but I can eat it, not my fave fruit though. You could try marscapone cheese in your icecream, I have used it instead of cream for a dessert. Sorry, I don't have any low carb icecream recipes, though.

I have an ice cream maker and here is my basic recipe:

BSC's Real Ice Cream

4 eggs
2 c full cream
1/2 c splenda (not baking splenda)
2 tsp vanilla extract

On a stove, slowly heat cream until it just begins to simmer, remove from heat. Beat eggs and add slowly to cream whisking to mix it in. Put back on low heat and bring up temperature until it reaches about 165-180 deg F. This should thicken and make a rich custard. Don't overheat or overcook. If it boils, it is hosed.

Remove from heat, add any flavorings and splenda.

Put custard in refrigerator until it is totally cooled down (sometimes I rush it in the freezer). Please the custard in your ice cream maker and let it crank.

Makes 4, 1/2c servings, 11g fat, 4 g carbs, 6.5 g protein