ID Tags

My 11 year old son does not like wearing his diabetes ID tag. I have gotten him two bracelets and one necklace (its cool, from that Jonas Brother). But he does not keep them on. Any suggestions? Is this common?

There is a website that sells tags for your tennis shoe laces. My husband who doesn’t like to wear any ID uses those. My daughter started wearing her bracelet since she was two, so she’s pretty used to always having it on.

Here is a cool site that sells both shoes tags, zipper tags, and the good old fashion tags, too. Maybe he’ll find something there he wouldn’t mind wearing. Our daughter is only 8, and would have one of everything if we let her. Good luck!

My daughter uses italian charms that each piece interchanges. You can get sports or any thing that interest you child.If he customizes it himself he may be more apt to wear it. We buy them from online (ebay) and she changes them all the time. There are several different diabetic ones to choose from. The bracelet looks like one of those magnetic ones people wear. My daughters is silver but I think you can get it in gold also. My husband has one also but not for diabetes and he has no problem wearing it.

We have a sports camoflage band that our almost 7 year old son wears. You can wear it in the water, anywhere and it looks like a cool camo bracelet. We got it on You really can’t tell it’s a medic alert bracelet unless you really look and then you have to turn the tag over for the information. The shoe tags sound good too. I found there were lots of things on the market, but we wanted something that has his information on it plus a phone number so doctors, emts etc. could call 24-7 and get everything they needed to know about our son such as his endocrinologist’s phone number and what insulin he is on. Good Luck.

Thanks for all you input and websites. I have one that has sports on it and info inside it. That was the one he wore the most, but I can’t seem to find it.

my 10-yr-old son wears a plain black one from medic-alert

He doesn’t mind it and hasn’t taken it off since diagnosis 7 months ago. I told him he couldn’t and that’s it. His is so plain though and it’s soft (nylon) that it’s just like a sports watch band. Good luck!

We had the same problem with my 13 year old daughter. We bought a few, but she refused to wear one. At one of her endo appointments, the nurse practitioner asked where it was. Having someone else tell her/ ask her is what she needed. (Mom and dad don’t know anything!) We came home and let her pick out a new one which she wears every day. Unfortunately, she wanted the top-of-the-line sterling silver (expensive) one because she’s a teen girl, but at least she wears it!

Let him pick, if you can. It may also help if you buy a sport band type, and buy a few extras for his friends to wear? You can usually buy them without the metal tag. We did that with my son and my husband wears one. Of course, my son is a lot younger.

We bought these…my son is 11 and he doesn’t mind wearing them.

my son only wears his when he is in situatons where he is w/o us around–like the local pool or the ice rink. Everyone he knows does know he is a T1 so it isn’t that critical for us and he is hardly ever out alone–he is only 13.

we have just hit our 1 year mark and i can’t count how many medical bracelets we have gone through! he hated wearing all of them and would try to take them off. they would also get caught on stuff, break and then mysteriously disappear before i could fix them. all this changed after we went with the dog tag style necklace. I see this didn’t work for you, but it has been wonderful for us. if this didn’t work though my next step was going to be trying to order personalized temporary tattoos that we could just keep replacing as needed.
On another note, I can’t seem to get my husband to wear one, though he owns 2…

My daughter use to “lose” her tags all the time. Are you in the US? If so, there are SO MANY options for cool medical ID’s. From affordable but still cool to really nice Leather ones. Google is your friend!

As soon as I put a beaded bracelet on my daughter then it was no big deal. She gets positive feedback from her friends. My son wears a leather braided one and a cool dog tag.

His Endo nurse asks every time we are there, but it doesn’t seem to help. We make him wear it when traveling far or away from home w/o us. I have lately just been putting my foot down and he has been at least leaving the house with it.

Yes we are in the US. I think he might like the leather braided one. I was looking at some yesterday on-line. I let him pick out the first ones and he did wear for a bit, but lost. I will have him look at that one on-line and maybe get him looking and picking out his own. Maybe he will own it more. He liked the Nick Jona dog tag when it came, but I don’t think he likes it around his neck? It keeps coming off and I find it in the car, by the couch, in his room…

Thanks for the site…I just ordered a new tag for my girl…

First, my son would not wear anything with Nick Jonas on it either. “Nick Jonas is for girls”. Now Jay Cutler on the other hand, he is all over.

But I got him a blue necklace that looks like a military dog tag. He wears it. He hates bracelets though. I bought him about 6 different ones and he doesn’t wear them. Says they are sweaty.

Second, our endo told us he really didn’t like the fancy camo and sports ones that we have. He said that if something happens to him and someone finds him they won’t recognize his cool camo or football band as a medic alert tag, that it just looks like a cool bracelet. I would think medics would notice it, but I don’t know.

My 14 year old son said we should get it tattooed on his arm. I’m thinking tattooing my 9 year old is out of the question. He was joking, of course. Such a goofball.