Medical Id bracelet for a toddler

My son is 20 months old and needs an i.d. bracelet. We purchased one online and he does not keep it on. Does anyone know of bracelets specifically made for a squirmy toddler?

I’m glad you started this discussion. Our son is 4 and we haven’t found anything great for him yet. I was hoping I could find some rubber bracelets (like you see everywhere) that he could just keep on all the time. Does anyone know of anything like that?

Try they have a lot of choices for kids.


try they have great silicone ones and they’re cheap

I have used them as well and loved the selection. It was nice finding what I needed for both my son and daughter.

It has been a while since I bought them so I can’t give an online resource, but I did find sylicone/rubber bracelets that are red and say TYPE 1 DIABETES in white with the medical symbol on them…I always have their medical alert bracelets on but at Disneyland or at a party it is nice to give others a clear message!

I can tell you it was a company that also made these kinds of bands for nut/food alergies.

My son was dx at 4. He is 6 now. We bought the rubber ones from They come is all sorts of colors, they’re cheap if he loses it. I just buy several so we have backups. He keeps his on really well and they fit well too.

My sixteen year old son really likes the silicone ones. I like that he never has to take it off for showers or hockey or other sports because he probably would not get it back on and I would be constantly checking on it and driving us both crazy. I less thing to check on!

We use the ExtremeSportsID (Never Go Out Alone is their slogan) which is for runners and cyclers. (There are different brands sold in running stores such as RoadID,etc). It has the Medical Symbol on it but also a 800 # and his code # embedded in the plastic so first responders can call in and find out his name, his condition and our phone #s and his doctors in an emergency. It seemed to solve the problem with the plastic bands VS the webbed bands that have space for information inside the inner flap.

It sounds like most of your children are smaller and only with adults that know them but this might be an option as they get older and more independent.

I too would love to hear more about what parents are purchasing. We went to the local jeweler & had a sterling silver one made for our daughter. She is only 2 years old, but is very petite. She only weighs in at 22lbs. It lasted about 8 months, but we kept having to go back and have it re-engraved. She constantly scratches it up. I want a super small one, that she can’t break, that stays on all the time (like for baths and showers), and doesn’t scratch up to the point no one can read it. I have checked out a lot of these companies, but when I ask them specifically my questions about durability they tell me they have the best metal, and it will work so don’t worry. I am hoping to hear from people not just trying to make a sale.

We have used a combination of things for our daughter. She was diagnosed at 24 months. She is 3 1/2 now. We started with the plastic ones but the smallest one we found was too large(she could take it off whenever she wanted). Then we we got some disposable bracelets - they look like the POP bracelets at fairs and carnivals and were using those when we were in public (Mabels Labels). They would last about 3 days on her (very dirty at the end) but they were easy enough to put in her diabetes bag so we always had one with us if we needed. Now we have a “sports bracelet” - she won’t always keep it on but we can always throw a disposable one on if she doesn’t keep it on.