Medic Alert Bracelets/Necklaces for kids

My son is six and I explained to him that he has to wear something around his neck or wrist to identify him as a diabetic. His wrist is so small that I think he’d probably lose it very easy. He told me that he wanted a “army necklace”. Dog tags sound cool. I have found some sites that sell them. Medic Alert Canada seems to charge an arm and a leg for their alert jewelery. If you can recommend a company that sells kid stylish alerts, please let me know. Also, what does your child wear? or Check out the monkey on fifty50pharmacy.

When I was a kid, I don’t think there were as many options. We always bought the cheap bracelets from the pharmacy and they always snagged my clothes and scratched my skin. I’d say go for a little higher quality and spring for dog tags that will make him feel really special if you can afford it. You might also just do a search on Google or eBay for medic alert dog tags.

Or you could have a lot of fun with a six year old by going into Petco and letting him use the create-a-tag machine to write DIABETIC on an actual dog tag. Then you’re only out ten bucks! I don’t know if you want to think about your child wearing something from Petco, but he’d certainly enjoy making it.

This article just came out in Diabetes Health about hip diabetic IDs for teens. So there may be even more options as your son gets older!

I know there are also labels that you can put on their shoes-- in case he doesn’t always think that the army necklace is cool!

Here is an old discussion with lots of links! Maybe there will be one that is the right thing for the right price!!

you know you gave me an idea,here children hide their diabetic condition from their peers.The thinking of you teddy bear,I put as my ID on my page is my symbole for a diabetic kid,I will make them in padges to pinn or metal logo to pin to shirt and give it to my patients.I will find drug company to sponsor that,what about having this page for this site to be ordered here and this site donate money to charities,hope Manny think of this idea.