Idea! (for pre-menopausal women)

I have an idea! I am currently on Yasmine 28-day birth control. I struggle every month with my period, my insulin rates swing all over the place and then as I restart the pill (after the dead pills), I have a four ay period where my insulin becomes water, and carbs seem to hit me two-and-a-half times as hard. I also fall prey to sicknesses during this time, things like yeast infections, UTI’s, etc. I suffer from insulin resistance on the pill, and delayed insulin reaction as well (I am taking Humalog, and am on a pump).

I’ve read many times that the period experienced on the pill is not a true menstruation but rather a hormone withdrawal bleed (caused by the 7 days of dead pills). So I was thinking of trying the kind of birth control that eliminates periods (or where you have just 4 per year).

My reasoning would be that eliminating the period would reduce the stress my body goes through monthly, and also eliminate the problems with my insulin rates going all over the place.

Any experiences, thoughts??

My endocrinologist took me off of the pill entirely – but I was MUCH older than you. I made him swear that if I were to get pregnant that he would raise my child and ensure that he/she got into a good college. LOL! He accepted this as a consequence of getting me to stop taking it. Of course, he didn’t know that I would tell his staff every time I had an appointment that the doctor was going to raise my child. :slight_smile: I know this isn’t helpful but at least it confirms that you were definitely not the only one who had problems with BG while on the pill.

I wasn’t in very good control before I went on the pill, so I don’t have much to compare my numbers to. But I thought I was the only one who got out-of-control BGs the week I started a new pack. I kept being told it should be the week I get my period, which didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It sounds like we’re experiencing exactly the same thing during that weird few-day period every month where your body goes haywire with the re-introduction of the hormones.

I’m coming up to my last pack of pills and then have a prescription for the Nuvaring. I’m hoping it will affect my blood sugars less/decrease my insulin requirements, so we’ll see. My family doctor wasn’t too interested in hypothesizing but thought it was possible that it would affect me less.

I’ve also considered doing Seasonale (4 periods per year) and may still if I don’t like the ring. I thought it would be a good idea for the same reasons you’re considering it, so at least you’re not alone. I was getting three to five days every month where I was just completely out of control, spilling ketones, and feeling awful. That seemed to calm down when I switched to Apidra. I’m not sure if the Apidra is responsible for that as I don’t know how it could make such a big difference, but it coincided. So I don’t have four days where insulin seems completely ineffective, but I still usually have a couple days where my numbers are elevated.

So, if you make the switch let us know how it goes. Good luck!

Have you considered having your husband wait on you hand and foot during the trouble-times?

That should go a long way towards making it easier to cope. Tell him that you plan to nap, read, have full-body massages, nap, watch comedy DVD’s, shop for new clothes, nap, go for walks in pretty gardens and…did I mention nap?

He’ll be in charge of all cooking, cleaning, working, earning, counting carbs, flower-purchasing, DVD changing, worrying and foot-rubs (for you, of course). He can hire a lady housekeeper to assist him in waiting on you and doing all your usual chores, but they have to be at least 55, as ugly as a boxer, polite, honest, uninterested in your chocolate, as tidy and talented as Mary Poppins and nearly silent: you’re napping, remember?

Just a thought. ;0)

This sounds like a much better solution!

I have been on Depo (the shot) for about 6 years so I haven’t had a period for about…6 years. lol. I haven’t had any out of control days (at least not more than 1 in a row) so maybe having less periods would be beneficial for you. Probably wouldn’t hurt to at least try a new birth control method.