If at first you don't succeed

i’m engaged. that, of course, means i’m going to be getting married. and in my mind that can only lead to one thing - babies. so here i am, a young woman without the greatest track record in the world in regards to my health, trying to figure out how i can have them healthily and without everyone in my life trying to wrap me in bubble wrap so i don’t get hurt. i’ve been doing research and since i have no indications of any looming complications my only real barrier at the moment is my A1c. right now it’s at 8.9% (as of April of this year). my goal is 6% or lower. that is the magical number i need to help ensure that neither my baby or myself will be in any great danger of coming out worse for the experience.

now here i sit, thinking about how to achieve this goal. after 18 years of this i can’t even remember having an A1c that good. i don’t remember anything lower than mabee 7.5%. but i’m doing some hard core work to get it there. today is day one of my experiment. i’m tweaking everything as i go and monitoring like crazy. i have an appointment at the end of next month with my endo and for that period i’m going to keep an extensive diabetic journal chronicaling everything that goes into my system. times, food, insulin…all that jazz. i’m hoping that if i can recognize more patterns i can get to the bottom half of *8% by my visit. i’ll keep posting as i go to see how this project affects my numbers.

I wish you luck, both on your numbers and for when the time comes, your pregnancy.

let us know what you are doing and how it will be interesting to see what effects it all. and good luck on bringing the numbers down.

Good luck!! You can do it…If you need any idea’s let me know…I you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again…Take care

Hey Bekster. I am in a similar situation with the exception of the baby making. I think my last A1C was 9.2. Seventeen years of the D and I don’t remember the last time mine was lower than a high 7. My goal is low 7s by the end of summer. I had to do a complete 180 degree turnaround. Exercise like a hamster. Eat as clean as possible. Testing like I have OCD. So much testing I have to buy supplementary strips off eBay. I don’t care…I want to hang that good A1C on my fridge so bad it hurts.

Whatever it takes Bek make it happen!

a huge thanks and hugs all around to everyone for your support and kind words. so far thinks are looking good but i’m going to have to do some fasting basal rate testing to ensure that that number is where it needs to be and then begin to tweak my bolus wizard according after the basals have been perfected. i think i’ll do my first fasting trail this evening. i currently have three basal rates and i need to make sure they’re right before moving on. i have been getting some morning lows (68 this morning) so things probably need some work. any advice on how to sort things out?

Have you considered a CGM? Maybe that would help? Also, if you tell the doctor you are expecting to expect, maybe they will approve you?