If I can do it ... Anyone can do it

In preparation for my Endo appoint this week, I had the blood tests done over the weekend, and got back the result today. I am pleased to say they appear very good to me.

My A1C is still a little high at 7.6, but it is down 1.1% from Nov, and down 1.6% from a year ago.

The Dr also prescribed a statin to help lower the cholesterol levels, but I opted not to fill the prescription opting for a couple of what I considered minor changes to my diet. And again, the tests were all better, dropping total cholesterol level by 18 points, as well as LDL (-4).

I was DX'd a little of 5 years ago, maybe 6 years (it is a day I want to forget :) ) and up until this round of tests, I thought that getting so close was impossible, but I never really gave up trying. BTW, the couple of changes in my diet, I gave up eggs and milk. I replaced cows milk for almond or soy milk and didn't really replace eggs with anything that I wasn't already eating. About 2 years ago, I started mostly vegetarian diet, but not quite totally vegan; every once in a great while, a steak, wings or a fast food burger is not out of the question.

I usually don't say much, but I do read a lot of posts here, and picked up bits and pieces from a lot of people. To everyone, I say Thank You and I hope that this post will give someone some hope or encouragement that it can be done.

Nice job. Dropping your A1c by 1.6% will lower your risk of complications significantly. My feeling is that nothing succeeds like success. I hope you take yours and keep at it so that your A1c gets into target range.

Take care,


Good news is always welcome here. It's nice when a little (lot) hard work pays off. Great Job Eric

Great news dropping the A1C like that. Good for you dude.

I agree that's a great result and can be a good feeling to have numbers swing around like that! You should be very proud of your efforts!!

Nice work. 1.1% since November. Not too shabby. The cholesterol, I consider that a secondary issue. The A1c tho, that really matters. Great job.