If i had a day off

i would run, i'd just wake up, not eat, not stop to check anything and run, with no destination, no time frame, no limitation.

I would go spontaneous camping, no planning just bring the beer.

I would forget my purse, then worry omg what if someone uses my credit cards or ID....instead of worrying about my medication, just once to forget my purse and worry like you do.

I would skip every meal in one day, see how hungry i could get myself then try to figure out why someone would do that sort of thing on purpose......I d eat chocolate that entire day.....mmm just one day.

I'd sleep till 3pm, or even better I would sleep an entire night with out waking up to check my sugars, or eat, have you ever had to wake up at 2 am exhausted but you are forced by sugar levels to eat candy??? its not as sweet as it sounds, you'd almost rather take your chances and starve with the sugar low.

I'd drive on a gravel road, with no gas station in site, no food in my car, maybe just beer.....man that would be fun.

I'd get stressed about daily stuff, not worried stress effects your thyroid and diabetes nope...ID JUST BE STRESSED ABOUT STRESS.....appreciate it.

OH MAN I would have a big gulp slurpee and drink it ALL to myself....sweet.

I'd pass out someplace in nowhere......just me and my truck....sleepin' dreamin' not worried about a dam thing.....me and nature.

I'd eat lots of ice cream high fat high sugar ice cream...not frozen yogurt....then i'd get back to running.

I'd break all my needles, i'd take a hammer to my tester, I'd then set everything on fire...see if insulin is flammable.

I'd brag about that day till the end of time, maybe lame to someone who gets it all the time, but to me I dream of it.....some set goal based on someone else's success of a cure.

my day would be so simple and yet it would forgive the life time I've had.

post from my facebook. so its more directed towards someone without diabetes :slight_smile:

Well I am soooo glad that somebody else has the same feelings I do! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do just that? I have had type 1 for 44 years, and the last two especially have been tough…
I would not wish this disease on anyone, even my worst enemy!